Saturday, November 13, 2010
Last Friday one of my friends won an overnight stay in a hotel in London and a Masterchef class with Ainsley Harriott for herself and 5 friends. It was for this Tuesday and would you believe it was the only day this week I wasn't busy - a free day?! How often does that happen? So I said to Debbie if she wanted to put my name into the hat I wouldn't object LOL So I was sooo lucky to be one of the 5.

I arrived at 10pm Monday, after teaching, at the Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel. Doorman - yes a doorman - let me in. I looked around the bar and asked if there was another area. There wasn't. So I went back out courtesy of the doorman. Jeff says 'ask at reception'. Back in thanks to the doorman. No luck at reception. Back to Jeff then realised I had got Debbie's name slightly wrong. Back to reception. Doorman still smiling - wonder what he was really thinking ;) Yes they were there. So went out and promised doorman it would be the last time. Said night to Jeff and Ella. Sat in the bar with some paper and did some writing till everyone got back. Room was on 6th floor - so you know me, lot's of walking cos there was no way I was going in the lift! Room was lovely, although couldn't work out why there was a window through to the bathroom and blinds which could be opened from the bedroom! Claire reckoned it's so you could check on someone that was in there too long :) I'm not convinced, answers on a postcard ......

After breakfast on Tuesday went for a walk down Sloane Streetand got very wet. Then picked up by a driver and taken to Mossimans Cookery School. Spent the day with Ainsley Harriott who is just as nice IRL as he comes across on the telly. I made vegetarian versions of Smoked Duck with orange and pomegranates; carribean (fish) bouillabaisse; and coffee brioche.

I had the best day - Debbie thank you so much for letting me be part of it xoxo


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