Tuesday, November 23, 2010
So having fun and games with football, dancing, partying and work. Of course, only the work is mine, the rest is the taxi service Mothers offer their delightful offspring. Oh, I have been baking which has been yummy, except for the sugar free chocolate cupcakes. Well, they would have been yummy if I had planned for them to be sugar-free, but I hadn't and they most definately weren't!

Went to Joy's Jamie at Home party and bought a few more lovely storage jars - want a Jamie at Home party? Angela's your girl :) Um, and that's about it. Oh my gosh, how depressing is that? I haven't had time to update for 2 weeks, and not because I've been painting the town red!

And I've not even got any current photos to upload. So here's a couple of casual ones I took in the summer of Jeff staining the decking - love those chicken legs ;)


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