Friday, November 05, 2010
What a week.

Monday: Half-term over and school re-opens, so you'd think everything would settle down right? Wrong. Joe's been at hospital getting his wrist x-rayed following a fall at the weekend. They took the x-rays twice as they weren't sure whether there was any breaks or not. They think not, but it's really swollen and bruised, so he's got it strapped up. Ella point blank refused to get on the school bus this morning, so she's in her bedroom in disgrace. Joshua had the hump cos I wouldn't give him a lift to school - he's nearly 18, not a baby! At least Ben went off without any hassle. 1 out of 4 aint bad LOL

Tuesday I went for an interview as a Lead Care Assessor. I actually love working at the college, but there's so little opportunity for promotion. Anyhow they got back to me to say I came in second! And you know what second's worth..... well. they didn't say it quite like that, she was actually very nice and explained it was a very difficult decision but that the other person had more experience. Oh well, c'e sera sera.

Um, Wednesday I think was pretty uneventful, thankfully, but obviously just lulling me into relaxing so that when Thursday hit I was unprepared!

Thursday : Joe's car had a flat battery so he couldn't get Marley to college. Jeff had a play with the engine and got it going eventually. I had an appointment so Jeff was setting the GPS for me when he noticed a mother of a screw sticking out of one of the tyres. So he then had to deal with that. We then had a call from Ben's school to say he's poorly and could we pick him up. And then a call from Ella's school to say she was poorly and could we pick her up. Then I had to work out how to get Joshua to a football match over an hour away with 2 sick kids. Thank Heavens for other football mums LOL

And then today: Teaching for me. Whilst there had the 'pleasure' of catching 2 students getting to know each other a little too well - in full view of everyone! Now you know me, but seriously? In front of an audience?! Lunch with Jeff. Jeff's trying to fix Joe's car. Ben's still off sick. Joshua is struggling with a knee injury which has messed up his football so he really is not happy.

Do you like the cakes? Ella decorated them and insisted I take a picture :)Snickerdoodles - nice biscuits, but the name, really?
Citrus clouds - very popular judging by the speed in which they disappeared!


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