Wednesday, December 01, 2010
Ben's confirmation was lovely. Dad was his sponsor and Mum was a Eucharistic Minister so family affair :) Even managed to get the boys to go - one of those "I don't insist on too much...." guilt trips. whatever works;) But what is it with the Catholic Service? They had a full congregation of 55 families - predominantly teenagers, and the Mass was so uninviting, even the hymns! Although the Sermon was interesting as the Priest was talking about his chaplaincy role in the TA's and how he's off to Afghanistan. But you'd think they look at keeping the teenagers wanting to come back! Now this is a yummy drink :) Found it in a BBC Good Foods Magazine and thought we'd give it a go. Disaronno, sparkling white wine, orange juice, orange and ice. Only thing? You have to like almondy, marzipany (good use of the English language?) flavours!Decided I needed to craft a bit. Nothing exciting, but made some labels for these jars :) Like the jars? Complete mixture - charity shop. Tescos bargains, and one so old I can't even remember where I got it from! But realised just how many I had so decided to get them out on display and fill them, and have to say, saves so much time baking! The majority are from Jamie at Home and some were free as part of my hostess gift :) If you want a JAH party then just shout and I'll give you the name of my lovely party girl :)Finally, my beautiful girl on her last day of being 11 :) She insisted Jeff take her to Tesco's in the dress! Good girl ;)


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