Friday, January 28, 2011
Inspired by an on-line friend to decorate for Valentines Day, this is my effort. I've never bothered before, but I 'love' the results :) And no stress, decided not to spend hours hand-crafting stuff. Couple of free downloads to print, couple of old candles, and a few bits from poundland. Result.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011
Case closed. Now to catch up on 5 nights lost sleep, in preparation for the stinking letter the school will get tomorrow.
Sunday, January 23, 2011

Social Services, School, Sleep, Sadness

Anyone else ever have a report made to social services about them? Because only then could you possibly understand how I'm feeling. 3 days now of hardly any sleep and working on auto-pilot. Ella is clumsy, it's a fact, everyone knows that. We never hid the fact she fell down the stairs. Wrote it in her diary in case she complained of aches and pains. No, we didn't take her to the hospital. For one reason if we did we would be there every week (and no doubt they would have contacted SS) but also because I've been a Mum for 20 years, I know when they're injured or ill - I just know, and all Mums will think "yeah, I'm like that too." And the other reason was because Ella made up a story "I went to the pub with Daddy's friend Harry and drunk beer, got drunk and was sick." I think this is beyond me more than the fall. Ella makes up stories, her language is limited so you uses what she does know to create some amazing stories. Ella's been at that school 6 plus years, so they know that too.

Would it have hurt the school to phone us first? I could have told them a) Jeff and I don't go to the pub b) Jeff has no friends called Harry and c) they know us, do they really think we're the sort of parents that would allow our disabled child to go to the pub and get drunk! Even if they felt a duty - and they didn't, I've checked the legalites (of course I would, you know me!) - they could have kept a note and if they had 2 or 3 concerns then fair enough.

As a childcare person I absolutely appreciate 'The safety of the child is paramount', but come on, a bit of common sense should be allowed.

Jeff spoke to the school when they rang, I refused. They even had the audacity to say it might be a good thing!!!! Really? On what planet? Oh, cos it might help with respite. Crap. I've been a Mum 20 years, and even through all the ADHD, Ella's early years (when it wouldn't have been a surprise to have been reported; one of my neighbours admitted if she hadn't have know Ella's needs, the screaming would have pushed her to make a report; and she was a never ending bruise and injury making machine), and the boys teenage years we never had a blot on us. But now, if anyone asks we have to say "yes, we have". Do you have any idea how heart-breaking that is? No, probably not. Did you know, even if 'no action required' is decided, that report remains? And what about fostering? I don't know yet, almost don't want to ask.

Onto social services. I have to say the woman I spoke to was very nice. And not only that, it was the same woman that had interviewed me and Jeff only 3 days earlier, and had met Ella, about respite. I think that is probably the only positive about the whole thing. She hopefully had gone away with positive vibes about us. We had a long, interesting, chat, and I learnt a few things about the school I'm really not happy with. Will deal with that if/when this is past. She told us not to worry. Of course I am. Hence the not sleeping.

And what about Ella? She doesn't understand what she did wrong. She's made up stories before and no doubt she'll do it again. Only this morning we were playing on Frontierville on facebook together. One of the children is her LOL She tells me what to do, what to plant etc. Loves it. Only her icon had disappeared into the woods and I said "I can't do that at the moment, I've lost you." Then I panic. What if she says that to school? Do I have to walk on eggshells forever with everything I say and do from now on?

So sad :(
Friday, January 14, 2011

TK Maxx, Wilkinsons and DVD's

Jeff's shifts meant that last weekend was his 1 in 3 off, so what exciting thing did we do? Rented out some DVD's. Shrek was for Ella, but thoroughly enjoyable. From Paris with Love was for Jeff, but I actually thought it was pretty good. John Travolta at his unhinged best. And The Karate Kid was for the boys. Just as well really, cos I like Jackie Chan, but, yawn..... For me? Well after the last 2 posts think I have had my treats for several months LOL
Tuesday, January 11, 2011
TK Maxx anyone? I always pop in when I'm in town, but never find any bargains, they always seem to allude me. But Friday, just before Wilkinsons, I went in for my usual trawl though the bits and pieces. But this time I struck lucky. Like my goodies? Me too :)
Monday, January 10, 2011

Too Early for Christmas?

As Jeff was off we made the most of not teaching this Fridayand did a little shopping :) There's a new Wilkinsons in Reading and the Christmas stuff was all reduced. So, £35.00 worth of stuff for less than a tenner - now that's a result :)
Saturday, January 08, 2011

Jams, Pickles and Flavoured Oils

Just arrived in the post :) I can make marmalades and jams, but wanted to try chutneys, pickles and flavoured oils. Anna showed me this book and I knew it was perfect. Found a second hand one on Amazon and picked up a load of jars from a local freecycle lady yesterday. So raring to go. I especially like the idea of being able to use the microwave. Watch out come Christmas, everyone could be getting goodies for pressies :)
Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Books, QTLS, Dec's and Spiders!

"He's Just Not That Into You" was Book 1 of my 52 books this year, and I have to say "I Just Wasn't That Into It." Maybe it's my age (21 ;) ) but I don't think so as I like well written YA books for a bit of light reading. I suppose what it boils down to is that I thought it was incredibly repetitive - like one chapter would have been enough LOL Oh well, pretty sure it won't be the only book that falls short of my incredible insight into writing this year LMAO. I have been told the films good, so maybe I'll rent that and see. Next on the list, Dear Fatty by Dawn French.Tree and decorations came down yesterday :( Well, I say :( but it is :) to be able to give the house a good clean! Was ruthless putting them away, anything that hadn't come out of the boxes for a couple of years are now out of here! Including our artificial tree, bless, it had had a good life! Jeff took it down the dump and was about to throw it over the wall when a worker asked him to put it with the real trees. He pointed out it was artificial, so instead was asked to put it amoungst the scrap metal. Now I probably recycle for half of England, so the act of recycling is not one I have a problem with. But Jeff said 'are you sure?' cos he couldn't really believe that someone was going to sit there and pull the nylon bits off LOL Now I know what my council tax pays!

At college yesterday morning. After spending 2 years (plus the specialism years) to gain my teaching qualification we get told that actually there's just one more bit! "So you can gain profession status". Okay, I have no problem with that - except my 2011 list seems to be growing, not shrinking! - but why didn't we just do it as soon as we had finished training. My brains had time to switch off...Dewey? Gibbs? 4 Levels of Consciousness? Off for a stroll around Amazon I think!

Oh, boys saved me yesterday from the biggest freaking spider I have ever seen in a house. I knew there was a reason I keep them around ;)

Sunday, January 02, 2011
Just a quick one - added to my resolutions - already, and it's only the 2nd! I used to be oh so good and remember birthdays, anniversaries, etc without fail, but the last few years....well let's just say I should be ashamed of myself LOL

So chatting to Lynn before Christmas and she's in the same boat, so we've agreed to remind each other when a birthdays due. So Lynn, where's my reminder for today cos I've just remembered it's Connors birthday - great start LOL

Even made a start on list, despite that little set-back. Joe now has a website and a blog and I was writing till 2.30 this morning :) Bets on how long this'll last? Oh come on, longer than a week surely? No?

Off to catch up with the washing. I have a great aunt who is ultra superstitious and doesn't like anyone to wash clothes on New Years Day. So we go along with it cos it's easier than not, but one day of not washing in this house is never a good thing!
Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year, New Resolutions

For the past few years I have had a word leading me through the year. Well, that's the theory! In practice it guides me for a few months and then gets overlooked. But, never one to give up, I'm trying again. This year my word is FAMILY. Okay, might seem strange, cos surely that should always be on my mind. But (there's that word again - twice in one paragraph - says is all really) this year our family has got a lot going on and I need all the support to help get through it. So, I've divided my New Year Resolutions into 2 - Family and Everything Else!

Joe's new business -
follow the link :)
Jeff's invention
My book
Help Ben with this future career choices
Have a date night once a month with Jeff
Go away for a weekend, or even a night, just with Jeff - not happened in 8 years

Remember birthdays

And everything else, you know, normal resolutions that always fail, but no harm in starting :)

Lose weight and exercise

Blog more often

Read a book a week

Craft more often

Happy new year everyone xox