Sunday, January 02, 2011
Just a quick one - added to my resolutions - already, and it's only the 2nd! I used to be oh so good and remember birthdays, anniversaries, etc without fail, but the last few years....well let's just say I should be ashamed of myself LOL

So chatting to Lynn before Christmas and she's in the same boat, so we've agreed to remind each other when a birthdays due. So Lynn, where's my reminder for today cos I've just remembered it's Connors birthday - great start LOL

Even made a start on list, despite that little set-back. Joe now has a website and a blog and I was writing till 2.30 this morning :) Bets on how long this'll last? Oh come on, longer than a week surely? No?

Off to catch up with the washing. I have a great aunt who is ultra superstitious and doesn't like anyone to wash clothes on New Years Day. So we go along with it cos it's easier than not, but one day of not washing in this house is never a good thing!


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