Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year, New Resolutions

For the past few years I have had a word leading me through the year. Well, that's the theory! In practice it guides me for a few months and then gets overlooked. But, never one to give up, I'm trying again. This year my word is FAMILY. Okay, might seem strange, cos surely that should always be on my mind. But (there's that word again - twice in one paragraph - says is all really) this year our family has got a lot going on and I need all the support to help get through it. So, I've divided my New Year Resolutions into 2 - Family and Everything Else!

Joe's new business -
follow the link :)
Jeff's invention
My book
Help Ben with this future career choices
Have a date night once a month with Jeff
Go away for a weekend, or even a night, just with Jeff - not happened in 8 years

Remember birthdays

And everything else, you know, normal resolutions that always fail, but no harm in starting :)

Lose weight and exercise

Blog more often

Read a book a week

Craft more often

Happy new year everyone xox


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