Sunday, February 27, 2011
To quote my facebook status - Eat. Pray. Love. Snore. I just didn't enjoy it. The scenary was stunning, probably my favourite part of the movie. I'm not totally convinced that anybody with no Italian could speak that well in four months - especially if you're hanging around with fellow English speakers. And the characters were just 2 dimensional, (Jeff called me Barry Norman when I said that LOL) I just wanted to hit Julia Roberts and tell her to grow up LOL. But, I am going to add the book to my list as there seems to be opinion that it's worth reading. Watch this space.
So, already read The Sacrifice. An easy read. Wasn't quite what I thought was going to happen, so that was a pleasant surprise. The ending was a bit too perfect and rushed. But isn't that so often the case; it's as if the writers built up to this crescendo and then thought "Shoot, only got 15 mins/5000 words to complete this". But it was okay.
Next on the list are a couple of text books, so they will take slightly longer.

The rest of the films we've rented this month, all enjoyable, none worth buying or watching more than once!
Sunday, February 20, 2011

Vampires Suck and Philip Pullman's Northern Lights

Vampires Suck and Philip Pullman - strange combination no? Books first. So it took ages to read Dear Fatty. I enjoyed it but because it was lots of individual events it was easy to pick up, read a chapter or two, and put it down again. But I'd say if you like Dawn French it gets the thumbs up as an easy to read book. So onto book 3 - I know, I said 1 a week, but I'm not worried, over the summer holiday I read LOADS. So, back to book 3. I've never read a Philip Pullman book, but there it was at the school Christmas Fayre calling me for 50p. I started reading it on the Thursday evening and finished Saturday evening - and it only took that long because work got in the way LOL So the next one in the trilogy - whatever it's called - is on my list for the year. Next up is a book called Sacrifice by S J Bolton. Was in Asda's £1.00 selection so I thought "Why not?" Looks like a supernatural thriller, right up my street :) Now, Vampires Suck. I rented it during the week thinking I'd watch it all to myself, cos it wouldn't appeal to anyone else. Well, I thought it was passable, some very funny moments - juggling a baby and a bowling ball together springs to mind - but overall it was nothing special. The actress being Bella had her down to a tea, all those sullen looks and deep sighs. SoI thought it wasn't anything to get excited about. However when I settled down to watch it on my own I was quickly joined by Jeff, Joshua and Benjamin. And they thought it was hilarious, I mean real belly laugh-out-loud laughing. So maybe the humour was just too basic for me!

Sunday, February 13, 2011
I've said it before and I'll say it again "I know He only gives you as much as He thinks you can handle - I just wish He didn't think I could handle so much. We've had the social services nightmare; I've rescued one of my dearest friends at 11.30 at night (with Josh cos he wouldn't let me drive off on my own when I wasn't sure where I was going - bless); offered my home to another dear friend and her 2 children; helped sort out DIL-to-be's CV with half an hour to the job deadline. But all that was nothing compared to dealing with the grief that the oldest has been giving us. So, short post and now onto more uneventful stuff like books, work, DVD's and January resolutions.