Sunday, February 27, 2011
To quote my facebook status - Eat. Pray. Love. Snore. I just didn't enjoy it. The scenary was stunning, probably my favourite part of the movie. I'm not totally convinced that anybody with no Italian could speak that well in four months - especially if you're hanging around with fellow English speakers. And the characters were just 2 dimensional, (Jeff called me Barry Norman when I said that LOL) I just wanted to hit Julia Roberts and tell her to grow up LOL. But, I am going to add the book to my list as there seems to be opinion that it's worth reading. Watch this space.
So, already read The Sacrifice. An easy read. Wasn't quite what I thought was going to happen, so that was a pleasant surprise. The ending was a bit too perfect and rushed. But isn't that so often the case; it's as if the writers built up to this crescendo and then thought "Shoot, only got 15 mins/5000 words to complete this". But it was okay.
Next on the list are a couple of text books, so they will take slightly longer.

The rest of the films we've rented this month, all enjoyable, none worth buying or watching more than once!


  1. We also enjoyed the A-Team & Night & Day, but I've not made any effort to see Eat, Pray, Love. The book was decent, but I didn't need to witness the tale retold!


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