Sunday, February 20, 2011

Vampires Suck and Philip Pullman's Northern Lights

Vampires Suck and Philip Pullman - strange combination no? Books first. So it took ages to read Dear Fatty. I enjoyed it but because it was lots of individual events it was easy to pick up, read a chapter or two, and put it down again. But I'd say if you like Dawn French it gets the thumbs up as an easy to read book. So onto book 3 - I know, I said 1 a week, but I'm not worried, over the summer holiday I read LOADS. So, back to book 3. I've never read a Philip Pullman book, but there it was at the school Christmas Fayre calling me for 50p. I started reading it on the Thursday evening and finished Saturday evening - and it only took that long because work got in the way LOL So the next one in the trilogy - whatever it's called - is on my list for the year. Next up is a book called Sacrifice by S J Bolton. Was in Asda's £1.00 selection so I thought "Why not?" Looks like a supernatural thriller, right up my street :) Now, Vampires Suck. I rented it during the week thinking I'd watch it all to myself, cos it wouldn't appeal to anyone else. Well, I thought it was passable, some very funny moments - juggling a baby and a bowling ball together springs to mind - but overall it was nothing special. The actress being Bella had her down to a tea, all those sullen looks and deep sighs. SoI thought it wasn't anything to get excited about. However when I settled down to watch it on my own I was quickly joined by Jeff, Joshua and Benjamin. And they thought it was hilarious, I mean real belly laugh-out-loud laughing. So maybe the humour was just too basic for me!


  1. Vampires certainly do NOT suck - well not the proper Twilight ones anyway ;-)

    My son and hubby have both read the Philip Pullman books - the second one is called Subtle Knife. Enjoy the saga chickadee! x


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