Saturday, March 26, 2011
Very, very proud of my biggest boy at the moment. As some of you know we've been having problems with his, um, choice of cigarettes?! Six days now no smoking. Just stopped. And the change - well, we all noticed the change before we knew the reason for it. I know it's early days, but it's a start :)

Little treat from Robert Dyas. The white barrel did have tea in it, was reduced to only £3.00 and ended up in my basket. Well, would have been rude not to. Then, when I took this photo, I couldn't help smiling at the collection of bits from all over. The fruit bowl is from our last trip to Italy and the rest is all picked up from here and there. Only the teapot and big jug actually match. Reminded me of my kids - step sons; birth sons; adopted daughter; God children; and hopefully foster kids - A mosaic of family life :) I really am blessed (although sometimes I forget that).Oh, and the table cloth? Well I have fallen in love with a couple of Cath Kidston ones, but they work out at around £50 each - I don't like them THAT much! So instead, this one is from The Range for a fiver :)
Not quite sure where I have found the time, but these turned out bloody gorgeous! Amaretti biscuit cupcakes with Amaretti cream cheese icing. I died and went to Heaven!
Latest book was "The Shakespeare Curse" which I really enjoyed. Shakespeare, witchcraft and a thriller. Took a couple of days - blasted work keeps getting in the way! So that's 6 books so far (I've reread last HP and last Twilight as well). 52 by the end of the year is still a possibility, but this thing I get paid for takes up a lot of time!
Thursday, March 17, 2011
So this year old posts have included moaning about Ella's flaming school and the oldest being a prize idiot. So no need really to update a new post, just read the old ones as everything is 'same old, same old!'
School has been quiet since 1.5 hour meeting with them, but we have Ella's statement review next week so that will be interesting! Then a joint meeting with school and social services the week after. Not looking forward to that one :(

Joe's behaviour has involved another visit from the police to search the house again - at least I keep the house tidy - gotta look on the positive side.

My oldest friend 'found' me on facebook so that is one of the few highs this year.

Our beautiful and adorable God-daughter had her second birthday - where on earth did those 2 years go!

One of my long-lost uncles is trying to get hold of me - intriguing ;)

Teaching 2 nights a week atm; don't rave over teaching evenings, but at least the students are nice. Also doing maternity cover teaching for a school, which is .... interesting. Watch this space!

Have been to a couple of funerals, so hoping that is our quota for the year.

Foster course nearly finished, then we find out if we will be approved to do the course and start fostering. Any prayers and positive vibes much appreciated.

Only been reading text books - which I suppose counts, but won't bore you!

Films - again, not many, too busy, but last weekend watched 'RED' and 'Due Date' - both highly enjoyable :)

Rare photo of Joshua - and even if I say so myself, isn't he handsome - and no doubt there's Italian in him :)