Wednesday, April 27, 2011
Easter weekend was simply fabulous. The weekend happened to fall on Jeff's 1 in 3 weekend's off, so we got to spend the whole weekend together. The weather was fab so lots of gardening and sitting in the sun. Couple of barbeques with all the kids :) Couple of bargainous shopping trips. Even a visit from Thames Valley's finest failed to dampen the weekend. So, the bargains - The cookbook stand was £4.95, and full price they're around £35.00!! The sundial £1.00 instead of £12. What else? Oh yeah, all these jars came to under £2.00 - thought they would brighten up the utility room. And the table - no idea how much it is new - or even if it's still available - but we paid 50p :) Ella has a ton of the Ello stuff from a friend - and the table has little construction holes :)Finally, 20p for these cards - which Ella absolutely loves :)
Hope everyone else had as lovely a weekend as we did xx


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