Thursday, April 07, 2011
I am feeling very lucky at the moment. Jeff and Joshua arrived back from America today and Jeff bought me all these goodies :) I am over the moon about the small ice-cream scoop. Do you know how hard they are to find in this country? And then if you do find them, they cost a ridiculous amount which I refuse to pay. So superstar Jeff happpened to spot this one all on it's own at Walmart and I think my smile showed just how much I appreciate it. The Cricut cartridges are lovely, and probably my last ones, cos they really ain't cheap. The punches are a real treat, and he chose them himself. And then a few odds and sods - all in all some lovely pressies from a lovely husband!


  1. I'm not jealous Suzanne..... MUCH!!!! What a sweetheart he is to bring you gorgeous stash back. xxx


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