Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A quick weeks round-up:

Monday - You just know the week is not going to go well when you get woken up by Jeff asking why your alarm didn't go off at 6.00, and you realise you've set it for 6pm not 6am! Coupled with the fact that we had to pick up Mum at 7.00am so Ben and Mum could get off to France to spend the Easter holidays with Robert and his family. I had a truly horrible breakfast at the airport, and have complained - with accompanying photograph in case they felt like denying it! Then we get home and found out CICA have decided Joseph isn't entitled to a penny compensation as his injuries did not last longer than 6 weeks - seriously? So now we have to fight that corner! Ella to dancing and then I have teaching. And then Joshua announces he has football training in 15 mins, 20 mins away, and can't babysit Ella as planned. Wonderful God-Mother steps up :) So Monday was one of those days you want to wipe off LOL

Tuesday - started decorating Mums landing, hall, stairs and living room while she's away. Ella went to Thames Valley Adventure Park and had so much fun she didn't want to come home - I know that feeling!

Wednesday - more decorating and Ella went to Beale Park. She has a more active social life than we do!

Thursday - Ella is most unimpressed she has a day at home with no activities LOL

Friday - Joseph has got a provisional offer for the job at the airport. Helping him with the medical questionnaire ........ Do you have, or have you ever had sleep apneoa, narcolepsy or cataplexy? Me "I wonder what cataplexy is?" Jeff "It's when you fall asleep and land on all fours" Not bad for him ;)

Saturday - Our 17th wedding anniversary - where did those years go?

Sunday - a day of rest - bliss :)

Couple of photos of our wedding. Yes, I was once that slim, and the boys were once that cute, and I'm still in touch with my bridesmaids - and Sandra is still that slim despite 2 children. Is it okay to dislike her for that? LOL


  1. Loving those wedding pics Suzanne, what a glamour girl! Happy anniversary to you both.

    Busy week down... make sure you have a relaxing Easter ahead!

    Love & hugs



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