Monday, April 04, 2011

Strange weekend. Very strange. Jeff and Joshua away in America and Ella on her first ever adventure weekend - and without us! I was worried sick (but apparently only one trip to the doctors when she had a fit and bumped her head). So Friday night - CURRY! Jeff's not a fan, and neither's Ella, so while the cats away .....

Saturday I went to MJ's crop. Had a lovely time, and when Jeff comes back with the camera will upload what I made. I also *blush* took some students work to mark because there just isn't enough hours in the day at the moment!

Sunday was Mothering Sunday. So Church with Mum, then took her for a coffee; picked Ella up from her weeekend - where I know she did, amongst other things canoeing, climbing and archery - to be told she did "Nothing all weekend except hard work!" (she was encouraged to make her own sandwiches) LMAO! Then Joseph cooked his first Sunday roast - and it was all ready at the same time and it was lovely :)

All in all a good weekend.

A couple of Jeff's photos he's emailed. Apparently he really wanted the car - same one as on NCIS! The pool! And the weather report - 2" hailstones!!!!


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