Sunday, May 29, 2011
Baking; Crafting; Teaching; Celebrating; and Enterprising - it's been a good week :) Completed this layout. Started it at the Creative Heart and Soul weekend retreat, and the original looked like this ... CLICK HERE ..... The top half is the same, but I altered the bottom. Partly because I wasn't in a paper rolling mood, plus, knowing the cock-ups I've made in my life 'Perfect' didn't really seem apt. But I am mostly cup half full and 'Happy' so went with that instead. I love the finished look.
Asked Jeff to get some sour cream on his way home, only when he got home I realised I meant buttercream! So frantic re-think and web search and found an alternative recipe which used sour cream. So these are black forest cup cakes. The recipe came from HERE. Then I cut a cone out, filled it with cherry pie filling, popped the cone back and topped with double cream. The result? They were divine, really sticky, very chocolatey. And, never having used an American recipe before, I have to say I love cooking in 'cup' measurements - so quick!
So Thursday was my birthday, lovely day. My apprentices sang me happy birthday, Jeff treated me to some lush body cream (I hope he wasn't hinting my body's not as young as it was!), and in the evening, cos I was teaching till 9pm, the other teachers gave me a bottle of wine. Plus I got a ton of birthday messages. And Joshua burned me 2 CD's with my all time favourite songs (save that for another post). But, can you see the calendar - I suppose Jeff and Joshua think they're funny!Today I have decided to tidy up my craft stash. Found a couple of storage units Lydia gave me when I first started scrapping - so about 8 years ago - and decided to re-use them. Thinking of organising in groups, eg summer; christmas, etc. We'll see. Wish me well, I could be gone some time LOL
Sunday, May 22, 2011
Still here, so no surprise that the Rapture didn't happen yesterday. I thought the whole point was that no-one except God knows when it will be, so why some American Minister thought he'd cracked a secret code is beyond me!

Oh well, thankfully because it didn't happen I had the most lovely night with some of my CP friends. Anna hosted a pudding party - in a word.......YUM! The evening flew past and as it was a weekend we were in no hurry to go home. As 'Des' I didn't have any alcohol - but that was okay as it left more room for puddings :)

I can thoroughly recommend a Pudding Party - go on, you know you want to :)
Saturday, May 21, 2011
Everybody needs sleep (well, d'ur!) but how much depends on the individual. I can run on 4-5 hours a night as long as that's BED....SLEEP....WAKE. And then every now and then I sleep all Saturday afternoon. That works for me. But for months now I've not been able to go to sleep, then when I do I wake up half-a dozen times, feeling worse because it wasn't 'quality' sleep. So Joshua, health freak, suggested I try camomile tea. Do you like the teapot? It's just a one-cup pot and was a 50p find at a car boot. Being totally honest camomile tea is not something I would choose to drink, but .................. I have now slept through for 3 whole nights, and I feel amazing! I didn't realise how so much lack of sleep had fogged my brain to make choices and energy to do anything. Damn......just realised it's supposedly the Rapture today - trust me to get back into the world just as it might be drawing to a close!
Wednesday, May 18, 2011
Grrrr Blogger, taken 3 days to post this! So have spent hours trying to fix it. Latest thought seems to be that it's IE9 and to install Firefox. So let's see whether it works this time! Been super-busy, which is good, because it takes my mind off all the grief we've had this year. But not much to show for it (well, actually there is, but that's for the next post). No crafts, no trips - except one babysitting with Martha and Orla. Only one DVD - Charlie St Cloud - which I loved, and showed Zac Efron is more than just a Disney heart-throb, he's actually a bloody good actor.And books? Well I've managed 3 since the last count. I had to smile when I prepared the photographs - Vampyres and myths; Angels; and Islam - interesting combination! One non-fiction; one autobiography; and one work of fiction.
Wednesday, May 11, 2011
I was away at a scrapping weekend last weekend. These are some of the projects - they're the ones I managed to complete! Hoping to catch up with the rest soon. Jeff looked after Ella and it sounds like they had a load of fun - beach; shopping; archeological museum; those bouncers you strap into and boing up! Apparently Ella saw some kids in them and decided she wanted a go. Jeff wasn't convinced but she go it ago, and apparently had a blast!

Monday, May 02, 2011
How many books have you read this year? One of my new year targets was to read a book a week - nothing like being ambitious! So we're 17 weeks into 2011 and I've completed 12. And actually I'm quite happy about that when you consider work and all the crap we've dealt with this year! Plus plenty of time in July and August to catch up. And I have had to wade through some text books!

I've offered my thoughts on most of these, just the Jodi Picoult has been avoided! So here goes. I read House Rules a few weeks ago and I was so disappointed. You know how you set yourself up. I had all these rave reviews about it so I suppose I went in with a blinkered vision and was setting myself up for a fall - and so I did LOL I did put it down half way through and consider not finishing it, but I hate to be beaten, so I waded through the rest! And I did feel pretty bad cos I had bought it for Joy as a Christmas present - she says she loved it, but I'm not convinced!

Then at a car boot last weekend I spotted Keeping Faith. I had a chat to the owner and explained my reservation. She persuaded me to give it a try, saying that there had been a JP book she didn't enjoy, but that Keeping Faith was well worth a read, and for 50 pence what did I have to lose! And I'm so glad I did. It was one of those that once I started I could not put down, and I literally started it in the garden in the afternoon and finished it in the early hours the next morning LOL