Sunday, May 29, 2011
Baking; Crafting; Teaching; Celebrating; and Enterprising - it's been a good week :) Completed this layout. Started it at the Creative Heart and Soul weekend retreat, and the original looked like this ... CLICK HERE ..... The top half is the same, but I altered the bottom. Partly because I wasn't in a paper rolling mood, plus, knowing the cock-ups I've made in my life 'Perfect' didn't really seem apt. But I am mostly cup half full and 'Happy' so went with that instead. I love the finished look.
Asked Jeff to get some sour cream on his way home, only when he got home I realised I meant buttercream! So frantic re-think and web search and found an alternative recipe which used sour cream. So these are black forest cup cakes. The recipe came from HERE. Then I cut a cone out, filled it with cherry pie filling, popped the cone back and topped with double cream. The result? They were divine, really sticky, very chocolatey. And, never having used an American recipe before, I have to say I love cooking in 'cup' measurements - so quick!
So Thursday was my birthday, lovely day. My apprentices sang me happy birthday, Jeff treated me to some lush body cream (I hope he wasn't hinting my body's not as young as it was!), and in the evening, cos I was teaching till 9pm, the other teachers gave me a bottle of wine. Plus I got a ton of birthday messages. And Joshua burned me 2 CD's with my all time favourite songs (save that for another post). But, can you see the calendar - I suppose Jeff and Joshua think they're funny!Today I have decided to tidy up my craft stash. Found a couple of storage units Lydia gave me when I first started scrapping - so about 8 years ago - and decided to re-use them. Thinking of organising in groups, eg summer; christmas, etc. We'll see. Wish me well, I could be gone some time LOL


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