Saturday, May 21, 2011
Everybody needs sleep (well, d'ur!) but how much depends on the individual. I can run on 4-5 hours a night as long as that's BED....SLEEP....WAKE. And then every now and then I sleep all Saturday afternoon. That works for me. But for months now I've not been able to go to sleep, then when I do I wake up half-a dozen times, feeling worse because it wasn't 'quality' sleep. So Joshua, health freak, suggested I try camomile tea. Do you like the teapot? It's just a one-cup pot and was a 50p find at a car boot. Being totally honest camomile tea is not something I would choose to drink, but .................. I have now slept through for 3 whole nights, and I feel amazing! I didn't realise how so much lack of sleep had fogged my brain to make choices and energy to do anything. Damn......just realised it's supposedly the Rapture today - trust me to get back into the world just as it might be drawing to a close!


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