Wednesday, May 18, 2011
Grrrr Blogger, taken 3 days to post this! So have spent hours trying to fix it. Latest thought seems to be that it's IE9 and to install Firefox. So let's see whether it works this time! Been super-busy, which is good, because it takes my mind off all the grief we've had this year. But not much to show for it (well, actually there is, but that's for the next post). No crafts, no trips - except one babysitting with Martha and Orla. Only one DVD - Charlie St Cloud - which I loved, and showed Zac Efron is more than just a Disney heart-throb, he's actually a bloody good actor.And books? Well I've managed 3 since the last count. I had to smile when I prepared the photographs - Vampyres and myths; Angels; and Islam - interesting combination! One non-fiction; one autobiography; and one work of fiction.


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