Sunday, June 26, 2011
2 weeks since I blogged? Oops. So....Ben's birthday.... I was sick for a week with a horsefly bite ..... Went on a day course about Angels ........ Ella's school fair (such a let down on previous years :( ) .....Read my first James Patterson book ..... still fighting for Direct Payments for Ella ..... STILL waiting to be assigned a social worker from LA for fostering ..... got some lovely bargains in pound shops yesterday to alter ...... tired, soooo tired! Jeff woke me at 10 this morning, that hasn't happened since I used to have night feeds! ..... Eye infection ( although according to Ella I've been infected by a vampire LOL Toooo much Twilight I think) ....... Hurting for my boy who's lovelife didn't turn out as he had hoped ...... Need to decide whether to quit teaching, not sure it's really worth the aggro ...... Sitting in our lovely back garden on the decking on a sunny day thinking that actually life is not so bad :)

Just one photo of a refreshing water with lemon, lime and fresh mint to complete the afternoon. Lou is right, it would be better with Pimms, but not sure a Pimms head when I've got some work to do would be that wise - maybe later ;)
Saturday, June 11, 2011
Quick blog - been busy, busy, busy! Do you like the bird cage? My birthday pressie from Dad and the wicked step-mother ;) The plate Sandra was throwing out, so nabbed that - then got it home and wondered where the hell it would fit - it's 18" across! And the last photo is a lovely, lovely pressie from Anna, apparently white so I can alter it, but tbh, I think I like it as it is :)
Friday, June 03, 2011

New Venture :)

So, what have I been doing? Looking at setting up my own business. Yes I know, the last one fell flat on it's face, but the previous one was succesful for 15 years, so logic says I do know how to do it, just maybe not retail. As some of you know I have been to a few scrapping weekends and they have mostly been great. But I sort of felt that something was missing. My life has been quite a roller coaster, not going to harp on on here, but a few of you know some of the things I have experienced over the years, both good and bad, so I wanted to look helping the whole person. I believe in spirits - angels - looking after your soul - so building a business on something like that seemed a natural progression. A weekend where you can learn a new craft - make new friends - relax - eat wholesome home cooked meals - have a beauty treatment - enjoy alternative therapies - decide where you want your life to go and how to get there. I could go on and on! Hence Spirit-Mind-Body was created. Wish me luck - a lot :)