Friday, June 03, 2011

New Venture :)

So, what have I been doing? Looking at setting up my own business. Yes I know, the last one fell flat on it's face, but the previous one was succesful for 15 years, so logic says I do know how to do it, just maybe not retail. As some of you know I have been to a few scrapping weekends and they have mostly been great. But I sort of felt that something was missing. My life has been quite a roller coaster, not going to harp on on here, but a few of you know some of the things I have experienced over the years, both good and bad, so I wanted to look helping the whole person. I believe in spirits - angels - looking after your soul - so building a business on something like that seemed a natural progression. A weekend where you can learn a new craft - make new friends - relax - eat wholesome home cooked meals - have a beauty treatment - enjoy alternative therapies - decide where you want your life to go and how to get there. I could go on and on! Hence Spirit-Mind-Body was created. Wish me luck - a lot :)


  1. Suzanne, it looks wonderful! I'd sign up if I lived, well, you know, a bit closer! ;)


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