Friday, August 26, 2011
Been shopping, but you know me, budget shopping. Or more precise Local Bargain Finder on Ebay - gotta love that search. So we are planning on having a mini-allotment down the end of the garden. Got 3 of these giant nets for £6.00 and the electric propagator for just over £6. The mirror is 2' wide, going to put it on one of the outside walls, add to the mediterranean feel of the decking, and that was only £4.00 :) All good.Also bought these. The woman hasn't long had a baby so her hubby is doing the shopping. Very kindly buys spices every time he shops!! So 31 tubs and pots brand new and unopened for £20. I'm making a hamper for the 3 SIL's this Christmas, so some of these will be added :)

And because it's local bargains there's no postage!


  1. Brilliant idea to make a hamper/gift basket with spices. I'll have to remember that, too! There's a spice shop near us I keep meaning to visit -- might be a good excuse to do some early holiday shopping!! :)


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