Thursday, August 04, 2011

Catch Up

Had a difficult few weeks, but hey, tell me something new LOL Won't bore you. Quick catch up with some of the main events. Joshua has got a casual job at a local hotel and has also got a place on a good local adult team. So what happens? He gets hacked in a friendly pre-season tournament and takes the top layer off his knees, preventing him working or playing footy :( But, come September we start the search for an American football scholarship. Ben has his cousin James over for a bit and he's waiting for his GCSE results, but goes back to sixth form in September. Joe is having a bit of an up and down time atm, enough said. Ella, is Ella :) Jeff has been on annual leave, but the weather hasn't been kind - except for a couple of days. We've been to Grimsby for a long weekend - Littlehampton - Bath - had a coffee morning with Sara - and general chilling.

That'll do.


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