Friday, August 19, 2011
Remember the book a week? Was up to 15 novels (excluding books for work). At a charity shop a few weeks ago I spotted Sepulchre by Kate Mosse. It shouted out to me for several reasons:
  • It's set in south-west France where Robert and family live;
  • There's a lot of history as it's written in 2 eras - the present and the thirteenth century;
  • And it has a supernatural undercurrent.
So I paid my pound and sat in the garden with it - yes, you remember that one day in July when we had no rain? Not the sort of thing you can forget after this years washout! Back to the book. I couldn't put it down. I relished the history - people who comment on how wicked people are now should look at history. We were always evil, just due to technology most people didn't know about it. And yet again in the name of religion. We (oh, the collective 'we' not me and you personally - I'm sure you're lovely :) ) committed from heinous crimes in the name of religion.I digress....there's a surprise. Anyhow, loved the book, was riveted. So a trip to the library with Ella ended up with me loaning 2 more. Labyrinth was just as good and had me hooked. Sadly not the Winters Ghost. It does say at the end that it was originally a Novella and maybe it should have stayed at that. Or maybe it's me. I just felt that what could have been another excellent book was squashed unrealistically. Okay, did I really use the word 'unrealistic' considering the theme of the book?! And listen to me - ultimately what do I know LOL


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