Wednesday, August 17, 2011
Thursday went to see Lorna Byrne (Angels in My Hair). Friday massage table arrived. Sunday went to Pyschic Fair in town - not so much to see the mediums and such, but more to see whether I'd be able to offer massage reflexology, etc. Monday I went to Anna's for lunch :) Monday we also heard we probably wont be able to foster 'at the current time' because they don't feel Ella is ready. Of course, reading a couple of documents and meeting us once, and never Ella, makes the SW completely capable of such a judgement. Least said. Tuesday boys all moved bedrooms - most enthuiastic they've been about housework for years LOL Ariane also popped round for a coffee, which extended to 3 hours! Oops! Managed to Freegle the High Bed Sleeper Ben used to use. Tonight Ella has been to local soft play area as they offer Wednesday evenings to SN kids :) Have finally written the ending for my book, so hopefully will now be finished in a few weeks. Right, time to put Ella to bed xx


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