Monday, September 19, 2011
Back to work, but only teaching one morning a week and have 3 Level 3 candidates. After last term with work and 'everything else' to say I was frazzled was probably the understatement of the year. But now, now work is much calmer (please note not the 'everything else'!) and on a Monday morning I have all the washing and ironing up to date, I have done all my governor duties - I know, I know, I resigned but couldn't stop the guilt of everyone asking me to stay on, and have ended up Vice-Chair! But at least I have got the time to do it the justice it deserves. Oh and work? Yeah I know, I was going to give that up too, but my manager persuaded me to do a little rather than nothing, which I'm glad she did as it keeps my qualifications current.

We had a hiccup with Ella's new transport wanting to pick her up at 7.15am and not drop her home till gone 5pm!! The school, for all their failings last year, were on the case and she's back on an 8-4 slot. So we can get her back to dancing and multi-gym which she has missed out on the last 2 weeks. She's also been to see the Rhino doc. That strange nose of hers? Apparently it's the soft cartiledge slipped. So when she's 16 she will be having a nose job :)

Joe. Electronic tag. 150 hours community service. Nuff said. But he is trying, setting up his own DIY business, so all kudos for that.

Josh and Ben are back at college doing the same course 1 year apart. And now everything's settled down I need to start work on his football scholarship for America he wants.

I have completed my Hopi Ear Candling Course, and my Level 2 Reiki, so feeling very pleased with myself. Toe is looking better, I can nearly move it now LOL

Have had a lovely evening with Ariane and Joy and 'Red Riding Hood'; and an equally lovely evening with Sara, Mikey and Dean. And went to see Patrick and Angela McCarthy in Love Online at the Quince Players. Going there is a baaaaaad thing, cos it makes me yearn for Am Dram, and when do I have time for that??!!!

That'll do. Laterz xx
Monday, September 05, 2011

Just a quickie ...... Love this photo of Ella .......Somewhere in Durham! (ETA Jeff says it's a back wall of Durham Cathedral!)