Monday, November 07, 2011
The last week has been a mixed bag. So here's the good :) Ella had a lovely halloween. Over 40 kids knocked on the door, luckily we just have enough treats to go round. The zombies are looking a bit jaded, so they have gone to the great zombie home - the tip. I'm thinking maybe next year persuade Ben and a few of his friends to act as zombies for me :) Outside - obviously looked a lot more spooky in the dark, but my cheapo camera won't oblige and take good night time photos! There's skulls with red lights, spooky noises. Didn't get out the fog machine as too wet.
Ella dressed up for K2 on Halloween night - bit scarey ;) And indoors, the fireplace - and as one of my friends said, just as well my Mum's on holiday - she would have refused to walk into our living room! LOL!