Friday, December 23, 2011
Ella with Aunty Joy - Godmother - and Uncle Ian.
Vicky took Ella to Father Christmas. The police car parked in a disabled bay annoyed me - just because you can doesn't mean you should! The dress was a birthday present from her Aunty Joy.
Orla and Martha :) I just love, love, love this picture of Orla with Jeff!
Jeff's family gathering - all the brothers and sisters. And Ella with Uncle Steven - Ella's Godfather.
Nonna came up to see Joshua's Showcase football match for the American coaches. Homemade pressies for escot, teacher and SSA's. Handmade tags - shame you can't see all the glittery-ness! Ella with her Personal Assistant Vicky.

Christmas decs - no really?! Handmade the rag wreaths,
Ella's youth club disco and also her 13th birthday which we had a party for.

What else? Oh, Joe managed to get 2 black eyes during Community Service! Seriously! Breaking up a wooden pallet a piece of wood flew up and hit him smack on the nose. Jeff and I were spitting feathers, but Joe doesn't want to complain cos he likes the fella. Okay, but no safety goggles? Joe might not have been quite so amenable if a splinter had ended up in his eye. But he's 20, so his decision.

Ella's school play was lovely. Ben's school report was the best we have ever had for him. Ella's school delayed the DLA letter request so much that we now have no money from DLA or Carer's Allowance. Freaking great. Social services were investigating my moan on 2nd December. No news yet. But seeing as they've mucked us about for the past 18 months it was expecting too much I suppose for them to reply promptly!

Think that's it, hope anyone reading this has a peaceful Christmas xx


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