Sunday, December 04, 2011

November Roundup

Not sure where November went, anybody? Anyhow, in brief. Had to call 999 for Joshua this time. Was like he was having a heart attack - scared the crap out of me. First responder said his EEG was throwing up something, so called for an ambulance to take him to A&E. After several fraught hours the doctor decided that it was something called an oesaphageal (?sp) spasm. Apparently mimics a heart attack in pain and style - but thank God it wasn't. On an aside, whilst Josh was on the monitors and entinox in the house, the ambulance pulled up. The absolute *"£$%%^ next door asked the ambulance men to move their van before they went in as he was going out shortly! Hope karma whacks him firmly on the behind in this life or the next.

Had to cancel the weekend away - after dropping the display nearly slicing my toe off; and 101 other things that happened - I cancelled it. As it turns out, the episode above happened the weekend I would have been away - so maybe fate was planning my life for me?

Oh, did I mention looks like Joshua will be studying in America on a football scholarship? Go Josh!!!!!

Ella's upped her meds, bless, as still having the odd fit, which in turn has made her really sleepy.

Joseph has passed his site safety test, so hopefully he will get himself a job and start paying us back some of the money he owes.

Sent in final appeal papers for Joe's claim - now that was hard work - some of the paperwork brought tears to my eyes :(

Ben, Jeff and me, same old, same old.


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