Saturday, December 31, 2011

Review of 2011 - The Good, Bad and Ugly!

The Good........
Jeff and Joshua went on holiday to America for the first time with Dad and Sandra,
Joshua is off to America on a soccer scholarship.
Benjamin did okay with his GCSE's and has stayed on for sixth form.
Benjamin went to France to see Robert, Jane and family.
Ella has got a lovely carer 6 hours a month :)
I have loved being at home, decorating the house, trying new recipes, crafting, altering, etc.....
Annual Center Parcs with my dearest friends.
Went to the lovely Creative Heart and Soul weekend.
Did Reiki Level 1 and 2; Hopi Ear Candling; and an Angel course.
Jeff and his brother talking again.

The Bad.......
Money, cos I'm at home so much (equal and opposite reaction!)- but then who isn't struggling at the moment.
Joshua's American uni has cost 2k already.
Ella's school didn't complete her DLA report in time and so the DLA and CA have stopped!
Joe's CICA claim is still ongoing - no wonder the governments (no specific party) have no money - this has taken nearly 3 years so far!
SS wasting 18 months of our life to tell us that they think Ella isn't ready to foster - this despite not having met her once in that 18 months!

The Ugly.....
Well, has to be the nightmare we went through at the beginning of the year with the school and social services.
Ella's first major fit.
Joshua's suspected heart attack.
Me trying to slice my toe off.
Horsefly bite that put me out of action for over a week.


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