Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Round Up

January - Finish writing my book
Attend award ceremony for being such a hard working governor! 
Write cards for the first quarter, address and stamp 
File system for governor paperwork 
Paperwork for head teacher job pack 
Update CV
New job
Scheme of Work x 2 
Lesson plans spring term
Scan and dispose of teaching paperwork

This was my complete list, just didn't add them all on Jan 1st post. So, not bad, plus also sorted out DLA, CA and have raked up over 25 governor hours sorting out stuff for new head! 

New job is taking hours of searching for jobs, then hours more completing application forms just right to meet the Person Spec's, and so far no luck. 

Many hours spent with Joshua studying for his SAT.

Several days spent supporting a friend.

Lots of walking, I love walking in woods, so Swinley Forest is becoming a popular spot.

Book is now well on the way, didn't quite make January, but I reckon by half term - February not October LOL

Websites and new ventures are also being worked on.

Sleep? Highly overrated LOL 

Balance(2009) - Gratitude(2010) - Family(2011) - Faith(2012)
Sunday, January 29, 2012

South Hill Park and Stuff

South Hill Park - out walking
Difficult couple of days. Even Jeff suggested we just sell up and run away! Anyhow, Ella is back at school, albeit full of cold. Josh took his SAT yesterday, reckons parts were dead easy, and some were really hard, so hopefully he'll end up with an average score. Briefly saw Dad and Sandra when we collected Josh :) And that's about it. Now back to story writing and web building and essay writing and another web building. And Ella wants to bake - although she's in such a difficult mood I can't see that happening! And as it's Sunday I suppose I ought to do the weekly stuff too! Laterz xx
SHP again - I love walking amongst nature :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Ventures

Where to start? I don't know if I am coming or going at the moment. I'm getting even less sleep than I do normally - and considering I don't sleep much anyway, that's a serious lack of sleep!

So, Saturday nights party to celebrate a young man was a lovely evening. You all know what I feel about some police people? Got to say I was sort of pleasantly surprised, and good to see no nightmare miscarriage of justice occured. Jeff and I left about 10 as Ella was sleepy. Ben stayed and apparently crashed out about 6am - yes, exactly, there's no way I would have managed that! Sunday picked up the £1.00 ebay bargain table - can't wait to do it up. Ben had a football match and somehow managed to play the whole game without embarassing himself too much!

Joe was off tag all weekend. Pleased for him as he's been on it since the beginning of September, but come on he's only just bunked an entire night on new years eve and been hauled in front of the judge for that (earlier post). Then the other day he came home 45 minutes late. So the tag beeps to confirm he's back home. Police need to issue a warning, fair enough he was late, but did they have to come round at 1.30 in the morning - seriously! - and wake the whole house up? I would suggest not. I digress (I know, I know), so he's abused the system twice this month, and yet when he asks for a weekend off he's allowed. Honestly, I don't get it.

Josh has had to turn down a couple of Uni's in California - even with the scholarship, the price was too prohibitive. He's now got 2 more, one in Georgia, and one in NYS. So exciting. He's at Dad and Sandra's this week studying up for his SAT test on Saturday. Everything crossed, and prayers winging their way.

Ella's been under the weather - headache and a cold. But she's also had a couple of hospital appointments that I didn't want to cancel, so had to drag her around to them. Now has custom made insoles to try and help straighten her feet, and prevent her ending up permanently in a wheelchair. And with a shrink, who agreed with me that Ella's fine at the moment, so why rake about in her mind and stir things up from pre-adoption that doesn't need excavating and she wouldn't know what to do with.

Been frantically trying to complete the book as my target was to complete it by the end of January, but keep getting distracted, but I still reckon it's possible. Then need to persuade a few peeps and teens to proof read it for me.

Only 3 more weeks of teaching and then at least 9 weeks off (and that's if there's any teaching after Easter). So during that time I am going to be cleaning, decorating, altering, creating and basically working my socks off to get Spirit-Mind-Body back on track, and I can't wait.

And if all of that isn't enough, I have another huge idea hatching, so am also trying to incorporate the planning for that into my day. So looks like 4 hours sleep is the way forward for a while yet!

Saturday, January 21, 2012
Yesterday was a lovely, easy day. Jeff was off and the backdated DLA meant we were able to go to Costco and get some essentials. Went to Niki's and got my hair cut and coloured. In the evening Vicki came over to spend time with Ella so Jeff and I got a date night! We went to see Sherlock Holmes 2, it was fab :)

No grey! But if you look close there's a couple of colours in there!
A rare photo of the two of us :)
In other news ......
  • work involved for a governing body to recruit a new Head is huge!
  • sometimes it is not fun to be Chair of Admissions on same governing body - your heart sadly cannot rule your head;
  • application form to Reading College has gone off. Long gone are the CV days, now an good application takes hours..and hours...to complete;
  • quiet week for the kids .....ssshhhhhh, I really shouldn't have said that should I? LOL
Ben's idea of a sandwich!!!!!!
The week has been pretty intensive - but mostly governor and stroppy Ella related! Bring on the weekend - party tonight :)
Monday, January 16, 2012

The best news :)

I have a collage on the kitchen wall (well, 2 actually) and this photo fell out of it the other day. Seemed as good as any photo to include in todays post.

Boxing day 1984 - was I ever that slim? Yes. Will I ever be that slim again? Highly unlikely!!

So the school finally got their finger out and the DLA have advised that Ella's claim has been renewed and will be backdated - which is handy seeing as we were about to have to go begging for food! I kid you not. Tomorrow I can sort out the CA and that will be back dated too.

Josh is studying hard for his SAT's. Ben is still doing well at college. Ella is as adorable and as tiring as ever! And Joe? Well Joe has decided to plead guilty and it looks like he'll be spending a few months at Her Majesty's Pleasure. Much as I have no sympathy for him - do the crime, take the time - as a Mum my heart is breaking for him, as I think realisation has finally dawned that he has, for the foreseeable future, screwed up his life :(

Have applied for more jobs, but considering seriously whether a full-time job is financially worth it, and if it's what I want. I can feel myself being pulled to the holistic healing more and more. Second-hand telephone table and tri-fold table bought - total of £5 - gotta love ebay! Photos to follow. Plan to redecorate them for the studio. Very excited :) Have been brain-storming with Anna tonight and have loads of thoughts to extend the basic idea.

Last Friday Joe had some mates over - I am positive he asked if 2 could come over - not 12! Long story short ... long night. Jeff on earlies but woken up at 1.30 along with Ella because some stroppy little girl was banging on our front door as she was drunk and looking for her fella - I think. Got about 2 hours sleep and was really not happy. In kitchen in the morning found a bunch of a dozen roses. They had all clubbed together and bought them for me as an apology. That's hitting below the belt, how can I be angry with them now?!

Governor stuff manic atm with the recruitment of a new headteacher!

Reading madly. Will update at the end of the month with a rundown.

Little tea party today for Martha's 5th birthday - where have those 5 years gone!!

And the best news? Well, I can't actually share that, it's not mine to share, but trust me when I say that a family I love has been put through hell the last year, and it's all over :)
Monday, January 09, 2012

A Bit On The Side and a Few More

Last Friday I was transported back 30 years to the sort of life I used to lead - if only for 2 hours. My life consisted of hanging around at gigs listening to my then boyfriend/fiances band - Oh God, I suppose I was a groupie LOL. They were actually a pretty talented bunch. The lead guitarist, Roger Lewis, died 4 years ago and so the band his son is now in did a small gig in a local pub. Roger was an amazing guitarist, one of the many people that never get spotted, and a larger than life character. I wanted to go, but Jeff was on lates, so my lovely ex - the amazing bass player Kezzy - took me along. The photos are from a bit of jamming. So what's changed. Well, apart from my weight (least said the better), and the fact you can't smoke - anything ;) - in the pub, not a lot. Oh, except I felt old!
Thursday, January 05, 2012
Just because I love woods and trees :)
So firstly thanks go to Joe for introducing me to another 9 of Bracknell's finest the past few days. I swear he hasn't got the brain cells he was born with. But the system doesn't help. He skipped bail New Years Eve. Never came home - remember he should be in between 8pm and 5am? So, they haul him in front of a judge, who says 'there's a naughty boy, don't do it again.' Cos that really teaches him doesn't it *insert rolling eyes*

Ben and Ella are back at college and school.

Josh is studying hard for his SAT! And so am I LOL

I've applied for 5 jobs so far this week, looks like I won't be at the college after Easter, so need something to help pay the bills.

DLA still not sorted, so food parcels gratefully received LOL

Have written all cards for Jan-Feb-March except for 2, go me!!!

Tomorrow is Epiphany so all the decs need to come down; meeting a student; crafting; clearing. With blitzing the study for the renovation, job hunting and major Governor stuff going on atm, I think the next few months are going to go by in a blur.
Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012 Resolutions and Plans

2012 and my word is FAITH. Faith in the family, our future, and help with my own faith as I feel it has been eroded the past couple of years.

My plans for this year, at least but not restricted to:

January - Finish writing my book
Attend award ceremony for being such a hard working governor!

February – Transform study into treatment/studio room

March - attend first local SMB as an exhibitor
Learn Indian Head Massage and Reflexology

April – Attend Spring Fayre at NEC
Jeff's invention

June - Ben will hopefully go to France to see Robert and the family

Holidays – This could be another no family holiday year, but Jeff will be going to America to help Joshua settle in

October – Center Parcs with my dearest friends

Learn how to make hand and body lotions
Spend more time enjoying the garden
Have a date night once a month with Jeff
Joe’s CICA appeal – maybe finally complete it

See everyone I love even more than I did this year

Health – here’s hoping for another relatively healthy year

And ... as usual ... lose weight and exercise more ... blog ... read ...craft ...