Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012 Resolutions and Plans

2012 and my word is FAITH. Faith in the family, our future, and help with my own faith as I feel it has been eroded the past couple of years.

My plans for this year, at least but not restricted to:

January - Finish writing my book
Attend award ceremony for being such a hard working governor!

February – Transform study into treatment/studio room

March - attend first local SMB as an exhibitor
Learn Indian Head Massage and Reflexology

April – Attend Spring Fayre at NEC
Jeff's invention

June - Ben will hopefully go to France to see Robert and the family

Holidays – This could be another no family holiday year, but Jeff will be going to America to help Joshua settle in

October – Center Parcs with my dearest friends

Learn how to make hand and body lotions
Spend more time enjoying the garden
Have a date night once a month with Jeff
Joe’s CICA appeal – maybe finally complete it

See everyone I love even more than I did this year

Health – here’s hoping for another relatively healthy year

And ... as usual ... lose weight and exercise more ... blog ... read ...craft ...


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