Monday, January 16, 2012

The best news :)

I have a collage on the kitchen wall (well, 2 actually) and this photo fell out of it the other day. Seemed as good as any photo to include in todays post.

Boxing day 1984 - was I ever that slim? Yes. Will I ever be that slim again? Highly unlikely!!

So the school finally got their finger out and the DLA have advised that Ella's claim has been renewed and will be backdated - which is handy seeing as we were about to have to go begging for food! I kid you not. Tomorrow I can sort out the CA and that will be back dated too.

Josh is studying hard for his SAT's. Ben is still doing well at college. Ella is as adorable and as tiring as ever! And Joe? Well Joe has decided to plead guilty and it looks like he'll be spending a few months at Her Majesty's Pleasure. Much as I have no sympathy for him - do the crime, take the time - as a Mum my heart is breaking for him, as I think realisation has finally dawned that he has, for the foreseeable future, screwed up his life :(

Have applied for more jobs, but considering seriously whether a full-time job is financially worth it, and if it's what I want. I can feel myself being pulled to the holistic healing more and more. Second-hand telephone table and tri-fold table bought - total of £5 - gotta love ebay! Photos to follow. Plan to redecorate them for the studio. Very excited :) Have been brain-storming with Anna tonight and have loads of thoughts to extend the basic idea.

Last Friday Joe had some mates over - I am positive he asked if 2 could come over - not 12! Long story short ... long night. Jeff on earlies but woken up at 1.30 along with Ella because some stroppy little girl was banging on our front door as she was drunk and looking for her fella - I think. Got about 2 hours sleep and was really not happy. In kitchen in the morning found a bunch of a dozen roses. They had all clubbed together and bought them for me as an apology. That's hitting below the belt, how can I be angry with them now?!

Governor stuff manic atm with the recruitment of a new headteacher!

Reading madly. Will update at the end of the month with a rundown.

Little tea party today for Martha's 5th birthday - where have those 5 years gone!!

And the best news? Well, I can't actually share that, it's not mine to share, but trust me when I say that a family I love has been put through hell the last year, and it's all over :)


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