Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Round Up

January - Finish writing my book
Attend award ceremony for being such a hard working governor! 
Write cards for the first quarter, address and stamp 
File system for governor paperwork 
Paperwork for head teacher job pack 
Update CV
New job
Scheme of Work x 2 
Lesson plans spring term
Scan and dispose of teaching paperwork

This was my complete list, just didn't add them all on Jan 1st post. So, not bad, plus also sorted out DLA, CA and have raked up over 25 governor hours sorting out stuff for new head! 

New job is taking hours of searching for jobs, then hours more completing application forms just right to meet the Person Spec's, and so far no luck. 

Many hours spent with Joshua studying for his SAT.

Several days spent supporting a friend.

Lots of walking, I love walking in woods, so Swinley Forest is becoming a popular spot.

Book is now well on the way, didn't quite make January, but I reckon by half term - February not October LOL

Websites and new ventures are also being worked on.

Sleep? Highly overrated LOL 

Balance(2009) - Gratitude(2010) - Family(2011) - Faith(2012)


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