Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Ventures

Where to start? I don't know if I am coming or going at the moment. I'm getting even less sleep than I do normally - and considering I don't sleep much anyway, that's a serious lack of sleep!

So, Saturday nights party to celebrate a young man was a lovely evening. You all know what I feel about some police people? Got to say I was sort of pleasantly surprised, and good to see no nightmare miscarriage of justice occured. Jeff and I left about 10 as Ella was sleepy. Ben stayed and apparently crashed out about 6am - yes, exactly, there's no way I would have managed that! Sunday picked up the £1.00 ebay bargain table - can't wait to do it up. Ben had a football match and somehow managed to play the whole game without embarassing himself too much!

Joe was off tag all weekend. Pleased for him as he's been on it since the beginning of September, but come on he's only just bunked an entire night on new years eve and been hauled in front of the judge for that (earlier post). Then the other day he came home 45 minutes late. So the tag beeps to confirm he's back home. Police need to issue a warning, fair enough he was late, but did they have to come round at 1.30 in the morning - seriously! - and wake the whole house up? I would suggest not. I digress (I know, I know), so he's abused the system twice this month, and yet when he asks for a weekend off he's allowed. Honestly, I don't get it.

Josh has had to turn down a couple of Uni's in California - even with the scholarship, the price was too prohibitive. He's now got 2 more, one in Georgia, and one in NYS. So exciting. He's at Dad and Sandra's this week studying up for his SAT test on Saturday. Everything crossed, and prayers winging their way.

Ella's been under the weather - headache and a cold. But she's also had a couple of hospital appointments that I didn't want to cancel, so had to drag her around to them. Now has custom made insoles to try and help straighten her feet, and prevent her ending up permanently in a wheelchair. And with a shrink, who agreed with me that Ella's fine at the moment, so why rake about in her mind and stir things up from pre-adoption that doesn't need excavating and she wouldn't know what to do with.

Been frantically trying to complete the book as my target was to complete it by the end of January, but keep getting distracted, but I still reckon it's possible. Then need to persuade a few peeps and teens to proof read it for me.

Only 3 more weeks of teaching and then at least 9 weeks off (and that's if there's any teaching after Easter). So during that time I am going to be cleaning, decorating, altering, creating and basically working my socks off to get Spirit-Mind-Body back on track, and I can't wait.

And if all of that isn't enough, I have another huge idea hatching, so am also trying to incorporate the planning for that into my day. So looks like 4 hours sleep is the way forward for a while yet!


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