Saturday, January 21, 2012
Yesterday was a lovely, easy day. Jeff was off and the backdated DLA meant we were able to go to Costco and get some essentials. Went to Niki's and got my hair cut and coloured. In the evening Vicki came over to spend time with Ella so Jeff and I got a date night! We went to see Sherlock Holmes 2, it was fab :)

No grey! But if you look close there's a couple of colours in there!
A rare photo of the two of us :)
In other news ......
  • work involved for a governing body to recruit a new Head is huge!
  • sometimes it is not fun to be Chair of Admissions on same governing body - your heart sadly cannot rule your head;
  • application form to Reading College has gone off. Long gone are the CV days, now an good application takes hours..and complete;
  • quiet week for the kids .....ssshhhhhh, I really shouldn't have said that should I? LOL
Ben's idea of a sandwich!!!!!!
The week has been pretty intensive - but mostly governor and stroppy Ella related! Bring on the weekend - party tonight :)


  1. We recruited a new head a couple of years back. It IS a huge task and one that I don't envy you doing right now. Good luck! (Redundancy Committee is no fun either!)

    Gotta say Missy; you're looking gorgeous! Love the new haircut and colour. Really suits you. Glad you and Jeff enjoyed your date.



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