Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Charity Shop Find and Other Stuff

Bought this tea trolley from a charity shop for a few pounds. Jeff was less than polite about me buying it, but of course I won out! Anyhow, he now admits that although it's not his 'thing' it looks good! Sandpaper, wood glue and undercoats all already in the garage. Ben helped put a layer of paint on and Jeff managed to remove the green vinyl. Mixed up the end of 2 different shades of cream paint in the garage to make the top coat. So the only expense was the Cath Kidston oilcloth. But I thought it would be worth it and it has made all the difference. Plus still have half a metre left for another project.

Had a lovely evening with some of my dearest friends on Friday, but God did I have a hangover the next day. I honestly didn't think I had drunk that much, but I haven't had my fav drink for a while, and obviously I'm not as tolerant to it as I used to be LOL Does that make it sound like I used to drink a bit? Oh well, tis true, but only Pernod.

Sunday we went to our God-daughters third birthday. Had a noisy time! Little kids everywhere, took me back to when we used to have parties for the kids and you couldn't move for under-fives.

Governor stuff manic at the moment. As well as being involved in the recruitment of the new head - you wouldn't believe how much work there is for that! It's also admission time of year, so up to my eyes in charts, Baptism forms, etc.

Ben has started to clear out Joe's room - he's actually waited about 10 days, so that's not bad, as he has been dying to move into it. That's about it. Informative post only really, cos if I start going on I might just end up going on .... and on ...... and on ......
Saturday, February 25, 2012
Joshua going to extreme lengths to avoid some housework!!
Have had a pretty rough week. I love my children dearly, but sometimes ...... I think most people that know me say that I'm a very positive, cheerful individual, but this last hit - on top of the past 4 years - was almost the thing that beat me. But, and I've said it before, I have the most amazing friends that have supported me through the latest drama and have texted, visited etc. etc. And as for the roses and flowers, I am a lucky girl! And I'm almost back, but come March 2nd I could have a slip back, so watch this space, more hugs may yet be needed!

Just love this photograph of Joshua taken by Ben LOL

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Study and Den Before .......

Part of February's to-do list is to convert the study into a therapy room. Unfortunately the study has been used as a dumping ground in recent times, so we are looking at a major job! The desk needs to be moved into the den - which in itself needs a clean out - and every drawer and box needs going through! Not an overnight job. Then fill in holes, repaint walls and fireplace and decorate. All by the weekend? No sweat! Also have some crafting and furniture updating desperately need doing. Have I ever mentioned there's really not enough hours in the day?!

Also, Ella's social worker has visited, been to Anna's for a coffee and Ella coped really well at Kids Club. Today may be SAT result day from Josh, everything crossed. And usual stuff with kids and life.

Funny tale about my adorable God-Daughter ......... reciting the alphabet with Orla in the bath (as you do)...O: "A..B..C.....M...N... O, that's me Mummy, P..." Me:"Q...what comes after Q?" O: "arse" Me: "pardon?" O: "arse...T"...:0) I think maybe they've been saying it a bit quick at school! LMAO!
Saturday, February 11, 2012
Yours truly receiving the Governor Award for Outstanding Service - not often I brag about myself - usually the kids! Well chuffed, and whoever did the write up - Mirielle was it you? - it was lovely, thank you sooo much! See you later for that cuppa. Off to the kitchen in a bit to make some cupcakes for us :) Have to leave it quite late to bake them, or the kids will eat them all before you come round LOL

What else? Joshua's and Ben's football matches are cancelled this weekend, frozen pitches. Jeff's a bit disappointed as it's his weekend off.

Had a wee windfall yesterday, not much, but enough to be able to treat myself to a couple of bits from Cath Kidston and Amazon. And got the most gorgeous bowl glass bowl from Cargo - pictures once I've done the sweetie bar for my girlfriends :)

Jeff's off to a computer fair tomorrow, Ella's got a party to go to tonight, Jeff's got a works night out tonight. Me?  I'm off to 2 wedding fairs tomorrow, work related, and got some DVD's to rent! What an exciting life I lead *resigned smilie* Josh was talking about some all night party his friend had been to in London. That used to be me!!!! Now I get to watch chick flicks on a Saturday night ... sigh....

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Snow and Joshua

You know, even if snow isn't your thing, you can't deny there's something magical about snow falling at night. Makes me feel all warm inside!

In other news .....looks like Joshua will be  going to USAO! Wow! So proud, and so happy for him.
Monday, February 06, 2012

Books for January - who'd of guessed I would read these sort of books! Not going to make a habit of it trust me, but they were okay. Not as gruesome as I thought and didn't really grip me, not like some that I read from start to finish without putting down, literally. Me and 5am bookreading is not unheard of!

So this week hasn't been the best. Found out the teaching apprentices I've been doing for the last 4 years is finishing and someone else will be teaching them after Easter. I get the financial implications, but after 4 years service it would have been nice to have been told, not to have had to ask. Nuff said, lots more thoughts!

Been on a safegaurding course, and helped out down at the school with my Governor hat on - health and safety and admissions. Can never be accused of being lazy!

Should have had a fun weekend. Ella had 3 hours with her carer - then MJ's crop - then a trip to the NEC Spring Fair. Instead I have been knocked sideways by some nasty virus that is really not funny :(

On a plus though it has meant, when I've not been sleeping, or curled up with a headache, I have been doing a lot of researching 'stuff' on the internet. So that's good.

Oh, and I had a couple of perfect hours at Starbucks with my lovely friend Ariane, who also sent me an equally lovely email - lucky to count her as a friend :) In fact my friends are being the best atm and I love you all! Looking forward to the 24th! Before that though we have Ella's social worker, Joshua's SAT results and Joe's outcome. Thank God for Benjamin at the moment LOL It did hit me though, if Ben follows Joshua's footsteps, in only 18 months we'll be down to only 3 peoples permanently in the house - how weird is that going to be????

Back to bed, have a good one, enjoy the snow - or not maybe? x