Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Charity Shop Find and Other Stuff

Bought this tea trolley from a charity shop for a few pounds. Jeff was less than polite about me buying it, but of course I won out! Anyhow, he now admits that although it's not his 'thing' it looks good! Sandpaper, wood glue and undercoats all already in the garage. Ben helped put a layer of paint on and Jeff managed to remove the green vinyl. Mixed up the end of 2 different shades of cream paint in the garage to make the top coat. So the only expense was the Cath Kidston oilcloth. But I thought it would be worth it and it has made all the difference. Plus still have half a metre left for another project.

Had a lovely evening with some of my dearest friends on Friday, but God did I have a hangover the next day. I honestly didn't think I had drunk that much, but I haven't had my fav drink for a while, and obviously I'm not as tolerant to it as I used to be LOL Does that make it sound like I used to drink a bit? Oh well, tis true, but only Pernod.

Sunday we went to our God-daughters third birthday. Had a noisy time! Little kids everywhere, took me back to when we used to have parties for the kids and you couldn't move for under-fives.

Governor stuff manic at the moment. As well as being involved in the recruitment of the new head - you wouldn't believe how much work there is for that! It's also admission time of year, so up to my eyes in charts, Baptism forms, etc.

Ben has started to clear out Joe's room - he's actually waited about 10 days, so that's not bad, as he has been dying to move into it. That's about it. Informative post only really, cos if I start going on I might just end up going on .... and on ...... and on ......


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