Monday, February 06, 2012

Books for January - who'd of guessed I would read these sort of books! Not going to make a habit of it trust me, but they were okay. Not as gruesome as I thought and didn't really grip me, not like some that I read from start to finish without putting down, literally. Me and 5am bookreading is not unheard of!

So this week hasn't been the best. Found out the teaching apprentices I've been doing for the last 4 years is finishing and someone else will be teaching them after Easter. I get the financial implications, but after 4 years service it would have been nice to have been told, not to have had to ask. Nuff said, lots more thoughts!

Been on a safegaurding course, and helped out down at the school with my Governor hat on - health and safety and admissions. Can never be accused of being lazy!

Should have had a fun weekend. Ella had 3 hours with her carer - then MJ's crop - then a trip to the NEC Spring Fair. Instead I have been knocked sideways by some nasty virus that is really not funny :(

On a plus though it has meant, when I've not been sleeping, or curled up with a headache, I have been doing a lot of researching 'stuff' on the internet. So that's good.

Oh, and I had a couple of perfect hours at Starbucks with my lovely friend Ariane, who also sent me an equally lovely email - lucky to count her as a friend :) In fact my friends are being the best atm and I love you all! Looking forward to the 24th! Before that though we have Ella's social worker, Joshua's SAT results and Joe's outcome. Thank God for Benjamin at the moment LOL It did hit me though, if Ben follows Joshua's footsteps, in only 18 months we'll be down to only 3 peoples permanently in the house - how weird is that going to be????

Back to bed, have a good one, enjoy the snow - or not maybe? x


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