Saturday, February 25, 2012
Joshua going to extreme lengths to avoid some housework!!
Have had a pretty rough week. I love my children dearly, but sometimes ...... I think most people that know me say that I'm a very positive, cheerful individual, but this last hit - on top of the past 4 years - was almost the thing that beat me. But, and I've said it before, I have the most amazing friends that have supported me through the latest drama and have texted, visited etc. etc. And as for the roses and flowers, I am a lucky girl! And I'm almost back, but come March 2nd I could have a slip back, so watch this space, more hugs may yet be needed!

Just love this photograph of Joshua taken by Ben LOL


  1. omg Suzanne, sounds rubbish :( Hope you are okay lovely lady, please for the love of God make sure you are taking care of yourself and giving yourself chance to breathe with whatever else it is that's going on, sending hugs sweetheart xxxxxxxxx


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