Saturday, February 11, 2012
Yours truly receiving the Governor Award for Outstanding Service - not often I brag about myself - usually the kids! Well chuffed, and whoever did the write up - Mirielle was it you? - it was lovely, thank you sooo much! See you later for that cuppa. Off to the kitchen in a bit to make some cupcakes for us :) Have to leave it quite late to bake them, or the kids will eat them all before you come round LOL

What else? Joshua's and Ben's football matches are cancelled this weekend, frozen pitches. Jeff's a bit disappointed as it's his weekend off.

Had a wee windfall yesterday, not much, but enough to be able to treat myself to a couple of bits from Cath Kidston and Amazon. And got the most gorgeous bowl glass bowl from Cargo - pictures once I've done the sweetie bar for my girlfriends :)

Jeff's off to a computer fair tomorrow, Ella's got a party to go to tonight, Jeff's got a works night out tonight. Me?  I'm off to 2 wedding fairs tomorrow, work related, and got some DVD's to rent! What an exciting life I lead *resigned smilie* Josh was talking about some all night party his friend had been to in London. That used to be me!!!! Now I get to watch chick flicks on a Saturday night ... sigh....


Love to hear from you. Please leave your thoughts below. Suzanne xx