Friday, March 02, 2012

February Roundup

February round up

Transform study into treatment/studio room
Furniture for garage
Rearrange den
Rearrange office
Paperwork for SMB
Update SMB website
carried forward from Jan: book - job - scan paperwork

Have started on the study (photo from earlier this month) and hope to make a big hole in it this weekend. Not a literal hole in the study obviously ;) Furniture has been emptied. Decorated a tea trolley. Paperwork has been sorted into work - business - personal - and I have shredded so much the motor's nearly burnt out on the poor machine LOL

Oh dear! The list has not taken a battering this month. I openly admit to losing 2 weeks thanks to Joseph. I rallied slightly and then one of the other kids threw (not literally LOL) something at me and down I went again. But, once this morning's over then I shall be be able to get on with life - starting with the house, it has been rather neglected. But it hasn't been a complete wash out .....

Still busy, busy, busy with the Governor stuff, as well as new Head, it's also admissions time of year.

Ella's been to a couple of parties, including our God-daughters third. Time is going too quickly.

Alf (SW) been to see Ella and that's all okay :)

Josh did really well in his SAT. Considering it's not something he had any knowledge of until December, and refused to open the book to study till 1st Jan, I think he did well. Ben has longer to get to grips with it. He struggles with the maths questions, but he's not alone. I sometimes look at the question - we get one in the email every day - and I think "They wanna know what???" But then, as we all know, if you get a U for maths in an O Level, you're never really going to get it LOL

Joe - well, we knew he was going to get a custodial, but it still knocked the stuffing out of me.

Been to a couple of exhibitions. Didn't get to the NEC Spring Fair - like I didn't with the Autumn one, so spent hours - and hours - saving websites and info off of their website.

Ella went to see a doctor at CAMHS, who thankfully had her head screwed on the right way and agreed that she is fine, so why rock the boat.

But the absolutely best part of the month was the girls who came round a couple of weeks ago and had a drink - or three - with me :) Have some photos to share, but will save that for another post.

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