Thursday, March 22, 2012
Quick post as full of cough and cold :(
Realised I hadn't bragged on here about the tea trolley I decorated, so here I am bragging! I am so pleased with it that I think it deserves it LOL

Therapy/craft room is not going so well. Remember I mentioned Jeff wasn't happy that I wanted the fireplace out AFTER he had painted the wall? So, as we remove the fireplace it starts removing the  freshly cream painted from the wall......ooops. So we had to painfully remove the paint from the whole wall, then fill in all the extra holes it had caused I say, oops!

Just a quick bit of crafting. First time I used the bag template on the Cricut, it was the biggest setting, and I think some of the smaller cuts would have been too small. Then some old double sided paper, inking and stamping. Quick but effective - and about as masculine as it could be.

Off now to thrash Jeff at Words with Friends :)


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