Monday, March 12, 2012

Round Up

The study and den conversion? Well it's coming on, reckon we're about half way there. I don't think I was the most popular person when I said to Jeff that I didn't want the fireplace ...... after he had finished painting the walls and skirting board LMAO! The unit you can see? Well that was an ebay bargain, £3.86, but no sneak peaks of the front until it's finished. It needs a fair bit of work to make it look like it belongs in the room, but I reckon it will look pretty fab when it's done. I would have liked to be further ahead, but with Joseph and then Joshua and then the new head teacher recruitment and the admissions for the governors, well the last month has disappeared in a blur. But I can finally feel myself catching up :)

What do you think of the door knob? And no roood comment like the husband. Ordered 4 for the aforementioned unit. Thought with the unit being so cheap it wouldn't hurt to have a few luxuries spent on it. Still have the other half a metre of the Cath Kidston oil cloth I used on the tea trolley, so hoping I will be able to use that too.

On a forum I'm on everyone's gone crochet and knitting crazy. So I thought I'd join in :) I was already thinking about a lap blanket for Ella's wheelchair, so seemed the ideal first thing, no detailed pattern and sewing up after! Must be about 10 years since I've knitted - and double that since I've crocheted. I've spent about 8 hours on it so far, and over half done.

The last group of pictures? Does exactly what it says on the pictures. I have pictures 1, 2 and 3 and I'm hoping to make 4. We'll see LOL And then also going to try them as soaps too.

Got together with Sandra, one of my bridesmaids on Friday at the Lookout. Hadn't seen each other since last summer so good to catch up, but I'm thinking next time more walking and less clotted cream teas ;) She was trying to convince me that childminding would be a good option, only I think she had the opposite effect LOL

Someone at school today said he couldn't believe I was 48 ........ yes he did think I was younger, so that was nice!

Ben's still off sick, had a rotten cold :(

Joshua has had an ECG just as a check up following that scare he gave us last November. And a test for Glandular Fever.

Have had a couple of letters from Joe, he seems to be adapting, Jeff's going to see him on Friday, so will feel happier after that.

Sending healing vibes for all my friends who need them atm for one reason or another xx

Vicki suggested Ella might like to go ice-skating at the special sessions. Everyone was keen except yours truly. It wasn't helped by Ella when I asked her to come back with 10 fingers and she assured me not to worry and that she would come back with 2!!!! She apparently had a lovely time, and despite being held up by Vicki, an ice-skating helper, and something called a 'penguin' she still managed to spend as much time on her butt as on her legs LOL


  1. What an inspirational family you are. I found your blog by the 6 degrees of separation.
    My Grandon's Mum (Gemma Lovell was Freeman) had comments left on her wall following his first Birthday, one of which was from her cousin Donna Freeman, Just looked on Donna's wall to see how her little boy ( my daughter in laws Godson ) is doing now. To find she was friends with you. Your surname was familiar as I had a teenage friend with the same surname, your husband. Although we went to different schools we had friends in common, what a small world.
    Jeff always came across as the solid dependable sort.
    You are an inspiration and I am so glad you share your blog for others to see that despite the trials of everyday life you can sill be happy and live an interesting and varied life.
    All too often people who life throws a curve ball too just sit & rant & blame others, rather than accept the life they've been given and live it.

    I've always said that Facebook etc has changed the 6 degrees of separation to 3 or 4 degrees and this proves just that.

    Keep Smiling, keep Crafting & stay Happy x

    Lisa Lovell ( Frampton )


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