Monday, March 19, 2012

Long week

Long week. Ready? Breath in .... and ....... started the week doing the headteacher interviews, after the weeks of preparation. Two pretty long and intensive days. The interviewees are set a lot of different tasks, you've got to really want the job. The first day is all task related, and the second interviews and presentations etc. As a panel member I was at school from 8.30 to 5.30 on the Monday and 9.30 to 5 on the Tuesday, and back at 7.15 for an EGM. It's full on, but it is for a headteacher, so absolutely should be rigourous. Several people, knowing how many hours this part alone of being a
governor have taken have questioned why I do it. Let's not  forget there's no financial incentive. And I suppose if I look back over the past couple of years it has been particularly heavy, a lot of stress for what? Well, for me, it's about PIF - passing it forward. What is giving up a bit of time compared to helping the next generation? For me not a lot, it's all about the kids, always has been, always will be. I no doubt expect there to come a time when I wake up one morning and think "You know, I've done my bit, let someone else have a turn", but even then we all know I'd end up doing something else, so might as well stick with what I know for now.

Isn't this jar just fab? Mirielle gave it to me; she found it whilst clearing out a cupboard, and thought I would like it. So okay, that sounds a bit random LOL But, she had been to my girly night the other week and thought it would fit in perfectly with all the others I have for the sweetie bar. And isn't she right?? I love it :)

Bit of teaching and assessing.

Did you see the fog on Monday? Well no, probably not if you're reading this anywhere other than Bracknell! The weather has been pretty varied - for want of a better word, feel free to make a suggestion, but I have a rotten cold, haven't slept for 2 nights, and it's the best you're getting ;) - recently. And you have to smile at all the scare-mongering "Oh wow, it really is the end of the world" Er, no, actually, it's typical English weather, get used to it! How many other countries in the world can boast 4 seasons in one day LOL!

Ummm. Met Joshua's not-girlfriend ( I know, I can't keep up with teens either and I'm surrounded by them!). I mean, Josh just does not bring girls home - let alone to a football match. First thought: she appears absolutely lovely. Second thought: After all these years, why did he have to pick now to get serious about someone?!

Went to Don Beni's with Dawn on Wednesday - I was a lady what lunched LOL Had a lovely, lovely time catching up and putting the world to rights.

While I remember hugs to Dawn, Liz and Martha xxxxxxxxx

Jeff, Joshua and Marley got to finally visit Joe - can you believe that's been a month already. Marley promptly burst into tears :( I imagine I will be exactly the same. Apparently he seems okay. So while they were there I went to Hobbycraft - well, it is almost next door, and they do say retail therapy is good for the soul :) Not so good for the bank balance though LOL

Ella's had a busy week. Thursday morning trip to hospital to check her legs again.
Doc "So, how has she been?"
Jeff "Well to be honest, we don't think the insoles are doing any good, if anything they're making her feet worse."
Pause .........
Doc "Um, that would be because they're in the wrong shoes"
How daft did we feel? Er, quite a lot actually LOL So now in the right shoes so hopefully will help her to walk less like a duck.
Thursday afternoon we had her annual review. Didn't take that long. Not much has changed. Nothing needs amending, so unless the LA decide to alter it, that's settled for another year.
And Friday Vicky took her to bowling and Pizza Hut.

Do you like the blanket? Like I mentioned in last post, after I bought the wheelchair I knew I wanted to get her a little lap blanket, but the thought had been 'parked' whilst I have been dealing with Joe - Josh - Gov - well, you get the picture. I was totally inspired by Debbie's blanket for her little girl. Went online, Ella choose the colour, and in a matter of evenings knitted up the blanket and with the remaining ball, made a matching scarf. Won't she look adorable in the chair with those? And I forgot how therapeutic just knitting a blanket can be, No stress. No concentrating on patterns. Just knit. The bag is a free Cath Kidston linen bag I got when I treated myself to the tea set a few weeks ago. So now it is the proud holder of the blanket and scarf and will look very cool hanging on the wheelchair.


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