Thursday, April 26, 2012
A 'light' few days in the household, no complaints here! Jeff and I have even managed a pub lunch yesterday - so we won't be able to feed the kids at the end of the month - that's weeks away LOL Just joking Mr Social Worker ;) Oh gosh, I'm actually hunting for things to say - I know, I know, how often does that happen!

Oh, anyone seen the headlines about the town in Wales called Dull, that wants to twin with a town called Boring - no, it wasn't April Fools, but someone on their council committee obviously has a very dry sense of humour :)

Joe's playing football where he is. I am so pleased, that head injury that prevented him from carrying out football for 6 months, stopped Joe playing football completely. So good to know something positive is coming out of his stay. Was googling and apparently they also have, amongst other sports, pole vaulting and climbing LMAO, you'd think they're teaching them to try and escape! Seriously though, sounds like a positive place which has got to be half the battle; has got a good reputation and their re-offending statistics are less than half of the average, so if he's got to be anywhere at least he's somewhere that appears to care about the boys futures. (The fact that I had a row with one of the bosses there is a whole other post!) He sounds happier thank Heavens. I think the depression that followed the head injury has a lot do with the past few years. He had to write a statement a while back on the knock on effects of that assault. Only Sandra and I have read it, and it made us both tear up. And actually helps you understand how he went from applying for a scholarship in America to where he is now. All we can do now is hope, pray and wait.

The photo - charity shop 'find'. Jeff hates them! I wanted something that would blend with the rest of the unit and room, but also useable! Now that they're in the unit I still think they are perfect - and Jeff still thinks they're not LOL

Monday, April 23, 2012

8 x 8 Scrapbook Gift

Scrapbook I made for a teenager's birthday. Decided on 8" x 8". I was a bit lazy - nearly all embellishments were in my stash, so didn't need to make anything. The problem with photos is you can't appreciate the 3D and the tactileness (think I just invented a word LOL). Printed all photos black and white so it made it a lot easier to choose colours - I think it works :) Choose the positive quotes as I remember how tough it was being a teen (I know, a long, long, time ago!)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The photos? Charity shop finds. Added the sizes to help them make sense. I'm thinking the first 2 items would be fab for a bridal shower or tea party :) The others - well the glass just cos it's unusual; the jug is only about 2" tall so I'm thinking kids; and the little bottles - I've only photographed 1, but there was 6 so I nabbed them all. And I have no idea, but I'm sure something will come to me - again the size was fab :) And the best bit? Only cost £7.75 for everything :) I'm not positive, but think the 'rose bush' alone would set you back that brand new. Do love me a bargain!

Morning :) Been awake for an hour so thought might as well make use of the time - after sending Jeff off to work with a cuppa, and heating up some chilli for Joshua - yes I know it's 4.15 - I don't begin to understand the workings of a teenagers stomach! Kebab at midnight after the pub I get (okay, I don't personally get the kebab!) or a bacon buttie. Oh gosh, drooling LOL Even after 30 years as a vegetarian the smell of a bacon sandwich after a nightout is definately lip smacking :) So I am having a cup of tea and Joshua is eating chilli and rice, know which I am happy with!

Busy old week, although I'm not teaching I've still got a few students left for assessing so been out to their placement and have had a couple of evenings with tutorials. Also a standardisation meeting, which one has to attend twice a year to keep the A1 assessor award up, but there's no similar requirements for teaching. Go figure.

Had a lovely afternoon yesterday with Shona. Daniel was around, but being just like his father his head was under a car most of the time. He surfaced once for a cuppa.

Monday was our 18th wedding anniversary :) He really is earning his place in Heaven for putting up with me and the rest of us!

Joshua's last football league game of the season ended with a 3-2 win :)

Spent all Monday morning with Joy ....... in a hospital....... oh well at least it gave us a chance for a long chat!

Desperately trying to see Angela and the girls - still have their Easter gifts - but between Jeff's shifts, Ella's after school activites and the girls hectic diary not had any joy yet. I thought this not working lark meant I would have a clean house and be bored, can't see that happening any time soon LOL

Laterz xx
Thursday, April 19, 2012

Steven and Jo's Wedding

Steve and Jo's  wedding 14th April 2012
Best man was Ross and bridesmaid was Amy
Wedding and Reception was lovely
We shan't mention Ella's meltdown, which at the time was horrific, but it's just her

Saturday, April 14, 2012
Easy but lovely day yesterday spent in Dorset. Went down with Jeff and Ella to pick up Ben who'd been spending a few days of the Easter Holidays with Nonno and Nonna. Chilled and perfect :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Redecorated Parker Knoll 1970's Unit

So this is the after from yesterday's post. I am really chuffed with it - Jeff still thinks the best place for it is the tip! Total cost to purchase unit, new knobs, paint, etc. was only around £50.00 and tough that Jeff doesn't like it - I do! It'll be the only fixed piece of furniture in the therapy/craft room.

I have this local pick up search on ebay and that's how I found this 10 mins away. Bargain for £4.00. Owner was really happy as he thought he'd have to take it down the tip. Jeff took one look at him and also thought it should end up down the tip - the man has no imagination LOL.

Removed the glass doors, and the central drinks cabinet door. Undercoat with something recommended called Zinsser paint - which takes a bit of getting used to! Top coat eggshell paint mixed at B&Q. Purchased the drawer knobs from ebay - the photo doesn't really do them justice, they have blue and white stripes around them. I had left over Cath Kidston oilcloth from the tea trolley so was able to cover the 4 small shelves with them - again can't really see it, but close up is gorgeous and really breaks up the cream.

The tissue box I've already blogged, Joshua's girlfriend painted the Smile - Create - Relax words, I made the angel canvas and then decoupatched the SMB.

I am so bloody proud of this!
Thursday, April 12, 2012
Come back tomorrow to find out more about this 1970's piece of furniture
Having a lovely few days.

Been to the cinema with Joy to see The Hunger Games.

Have seen Anna 3 times - bit like a bus, don't see her at all, and then all at once LOL Will see her a bit more soon as have taken on the responsibility of sorting out her crafting stash ....... I could be gone sometime LOL

Saw Louise and Mark briefly which was ab fab as we hadn't seen them since we were 'up north' a couple of Christmases ago.

Caught up with Mireille both for a chat and for governor stuff.

Ella has had a good afternoon with Vicky.

Been to MJ's crop - yay! First time this year, and lovely to catch up with peeps :)

Ben is down at Dad and Sandra's for a few days.

I've been crafting like mad - photos to follow - so pleased with the end results. Photos to follow in the next few days.

Jeff's been trying to fix our boiler - only it wasn't broke until he broke it *rolls eyes*. A simple swap of a bog standard radiator to a heated towel one (bargainous £10 find at B & Q). So far so good. Only somehow he manages to jam up the pump - no water, hot or cold, and no heating! No flushing - eeek! Had to buy a new pump (thank heavens for ebay and a local find!). Eventually swapped the pump - after taking wrenches, blow torches and drills to it to free it LOL - and it worked, but didn't stop leaking. So a trip to the local plumbers for new valves! So much for a bargain LMAO!

House is coming together - I am loving this being at home lark!
Monday, April 09, 2012

Decorated Paper Mache Tissue Box

Decorated Tissue Box

Amazing how much my enthusiasm for crafting has re-emerged since I have had my hours at the college decimated. This is just one project - lots more to photograph over the next few days :)

Box blank from Hobbycraft. Absolutely everything else was in my stash :)
Basic Grey papers
Tim Holtz Grungeboard.
Acrylic paint,ink pad, brads and pearls.
Stamps - forgotten which!
Flower and butterfly punches.
Poundland flowers and buterflies.

I am so pleased with it, and it looks beautiful in my - nearly finished - craft room. Will look even better with a box of tissues in it LOL
Friday, April 06, 2012

Hapy Easter

Easter Decorations collected over the years

Handmade frames added this year :)
Happy Easter xx
Thursday, April 05, 2012

The boys and Mambo Number 5

Many years ago - general opinion (Jeff, Ricki and me) think it was probably Easter 2000 - we took all 5 boys to Butlins and during the course of the holiday had the attached video made. It was originally made on tape - I know, not a DVD, or any other modern system! Anyhow, I love, love, love this, and I hope y'all do too :)

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

March Round Up

Isn't he just so irresistable?!
March Round-Up
So plans were :
March - attend first local SMB as an exhibitor
Learn Indian Head Massage and Reflexology
Um...... well neither of those happened!
Carried over from January:
New Job and Scan and dispose of teaching paperwork
Carried over from February:
Furniture for garage, Paperwork for SMB and update website
Okay, change of plan for March. I have booked on a Indian Head Massage course, but having researched up a bit on Reflexology, that's being shelved for now and instead I am going to do Hot Stone Massage - but later on in the year. Didn't attend any exhibitions, but that's okay, will look into that after Easter.
No luck with a new job, but again, going to look more after Easter. Still have a couple of students to assess so at least that's something. Paperwork and website is currently being updated. So, on the whole, moving forward :)

So news in brief:
Went to see Joe. Have realised Ella is confused by his disappearance, so need to arrange her to visit him.
CICA have had their ass whipped by the tribunal for dragging their heels - 3 years next month!!
Finished teaching apprentices. Will miss that.
New room is nearly finished, few more days - then it's the fun part - adding the bits to make the room fab :)
Ella's review - no change, no surprise.
Ella was in the school play - the drama teacher at that school is just amazing, what she gets out of the children :)
Ben is getting really good at football - I mean he was always good, but since he started the football course at sixth form, he has just got so much better, really proud for him.
Vicky has taken Ella ice-skating and to a multi-sports activity this month.
Joshua does not have glandular fever - yay! - and the ECG was clear - double yay! But she is going to organise a 24 hour ECG just to be sure.
Have seen Sandra and Dawn and Sara :)
Um, let's not remind you about Ella's ortho appointment ;)

And that's March. I know right, quiet for us? LOL
Laterz xx
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