Thursday, April 12, 2012
Come back tomorrow to find out more about this 1970's piece of furniture
Having a lovely few days.

Been to the cinema with Joy to see The Hunger Games.

Have seen Anna 3 times - bit like a bus, don't see her at all, and then all at once LOL Will see her a bit more soon as have taken on the responsibility of sorting out her crafting stash ....... I could be gone sometime LOL

Saw Louise and Mark briefly which was ab fab as we hadn't seen them since we were 'up north' a couple of Christmases ago.

Caught up with Mireille both for a chat and for governor stuff.

Ella has had a good afternoon with Vicky.

Been to MJ's crop - yay! First time this year, and lovely to catch up with peeps :)

Ben is down at Dad and Sandra's for a few days.

I've been crafting like mad - photos to follow - so pleased with the end results. Photos to follow in the next few days.

Jeff's been trying to fix our boiler - only it wasn't broke until he broke it *rolls eyes*. A simple swap of a bog standard radiator to a heated towel one (bargainous £10 find at B & Q). So far so good. Only somehow he manages to jam up the pump - no water, hot or cold, and no heating! No flushing - eeek! Had to buy a new pump (thank heavens for ebay and a local find!). Eventually swapped the pump - after taking wrenches, blow torches and drills to it to free it LOL - and it worked, but didn't stop leaking. So a trip to the local plumbers for new valves! So much for a bargain LMAO!

House is coming together - I am loving this being at home lark!


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