Tuesday, April 03, 2012

March Round Up

Isn't he just so irresistable?!
March Round-Up
So plans were :
March - attend first local SMB as an exhibitor
Learn Indian Head Massage and Reflexology
Um...... well neither of those happened!
Carried over from January:
New Job and Scan and dispose of teaching paperwork
Carried over from February:
Furniture for garage, Paperwork for SMB and update website
Okay, change of plan for March. I have booked on a Indian Head Massage course, but having researched up a bit on Reflexology, that's being shelved for now and instead I am going to do Hot Stone Massage - but later on in the year. Didn't attend any exhibitions, but that's okay, will look into that after Easter.
No luck with a new job, but again, going to look more after Easter. Still have a couple of students to assess so at least that's something. Paperwork and website is currently being updated. So, on the whole, moving forward :)

So news in brief:
Went to see Joe. Have realised Ella is confused by his disappearance, so need to arrange her to visit him.
CICA have had their ass whipped by the tribunal for dragging their heels - 3 years next month!!
Finished teaching apprentices. Will miss that.
New room is nearly finished, few more days - then it's the fun part - adding the bits to make the room fab :)
Ella's review - no change, no surprise.
Ella was in the school play - the drama teacher at that school is just amazing, what she gets out of the children :)
Ben is getting really good at football - I mean he was always good, but since he started the football course at sixth form, he has just got so much better, really proud for him.
Vicky has taken Ella ice-skating and to a multi-sports activity this month.
Joshua does not have glandular fever - yay! - and the ECG was clear - double yay! But she is going to organise a 24 hour ECG just to be sure.
Have seen Sandra and Dawn and Sara :)
Um, let's not remind you about Ella's ortho appointment ;)

And that's March. I know right, quiet for us? LOL
Laterz xx
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