Thursday, April 26, 2012
A 'light' few days in the household, no complaints here! Jeff and I have even managed a pub lunch yesterday - so we won't be able to feed the kids at the end of the month - that's weeks away LOL Just joking Mr Social Worker ;) Oh gosh, I'm actually hunting for things to say - I know, I know, how often does that happen!

Oh, anyone seen the headlines about the town in Wales called Dull, that wants to twin with a town called Boring - no, it wasn't April Fools, but someone on their council committee obviously has a very dry sense of humour :)

Joe's playing football where he is. I am so pleased, that head injury that prevented him from carrying out football for 6 months, stopped Joe playing football completely. So good to know something positive is coming out of his stay. Was googling and apparently they also have, amongst other sports, pole vaulting and climbing LMAO, you'd think they're teaching them to try and escape! Seriously though, sounds like a positive place which has got to be half the battle; has got a good reputation and their re-offending statistics are less than half of the average, so if he's got to be anywhere at least he's somewhere that appears to care about the boys futures. (The fact that I had a row with one of the bosses there is a whole other post!) He sounds happier thank Heavens. I think the depression that followed the head injury has a lot do with the past few years. He had to write a statement a while back on the knock on effects of that assault. Only Sandra and I have read it, and it made us both tear up. And actually helps you understand how he went from applying for a scholarship in America to where he is now. All we can do now is hope, pray and wait.

The photo - charity shop 'find'. Jeff hates them! I wanted something that would blend with the rest of the unit and room, but also useable! Now that they're in the unit I still think they are perfect - and Jeff still thinks they're not LOL


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