Saturday, April 21, 2012

The photos? Charity shop finds. Added the sizes to help them make sense. I'm thinking the first 2 items would be fab for a bridal shower or tea party :) The others - well the glass just cos it's unusual; the jug is only about 2" tall so I'm thinking kids; and the little bottles - I've only photographed 1, but there was 6 so I nabbed them all. And I have no idea, but I'm sure something will come to me - again the size was fab :) And the best bit? Only cost £7.75 for everything :) I'm not positive, but think the 'rose bush' alone would set you back that brand new. Do love me a bargain!

Morning :) Been awake for an hour so thought might as well make use of the time - after sending Jeff off to work with a cuppa, and heating up some chilli for Joshua - yes I know it's 4.15 - I don't begin to understand the workings of a teenagers stomach! Kebab at midnight after the pub I get (okay, I don't personally get the kebab!) or a bacon buttie. Oh gosh, drooling LOL Even after 30 years as a vegetarian the smell of a bacon sandwich after a nightout is definately lip smacking :) So I am having a cup of tea and Joshua is eating chilli and rice, know which I am happy with!

Busy old week, although I'm not teaching I've still got a few students left for assessing so been out to their placement and have had a couple of evenings with tutorials. Also a standardisation meeting, which one has to attend twice a year to keep the A1 assessor award up, but there's no similar requirements for teaching. Go figure.

Had a lovely afternoon yesterday with Shona. Daniel was around, but being just like his father his head was under a car most of the time. He surfaced once for a cuppa.

Monday was our 18th wedding anniversary :) He really is earning his place in Heaven for putting up with me and the rest of us!

Joshua's last football league game of the season ended with a 3-2 win :)

Spent all Monday morning with Joy ....... in a hospital....... oh well at least it gave us a chance for a long chat!

Desperately trying to see Angela and the girls - still have their Easter gifts - but between Jeff's shifts, Ella's after school activites and the girls hectic diary not had any joy yet. I thought this not working lark meant I would have a clean house and be bored, can't see that happening any time soon LOL

Laterz xx


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